In the Company of Spies By Stephen Barlay

In the Company of Spies by Stephen Barlay

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Book/Novel Author: Stephen Barlay

Book/Novel Title: In the Company of Spies

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“The maniac energy of the writing holds you tight.” – The Times The Summer of 1962. The world is on tenterhooks as Kennedy and Khrushchev square off over plans to place nuclear weapons in Cuba. Helm Rust, ex-CIA operative and now small-time smuggler in the Florida Keys, receives two messages. One a cry for help from his long lost father in the Soviet Union. The other, allegedly from the desk of Castro himself. Rust does not hesitate in his decision to go to Russia. But once inside the Soviet Union he becomes involved in a plot of espionage so deep he does not know which way to turn. Confiding in former allies leaves a trail of corpses and Rust is utterly cut off from any friends he ever had. The lack of trust drives him into the arms of the beautiful — and deceptive — Yelena, who attempts to embroil him in a violent web of international intrigue. Agent, double agent, triple agent… is anyone truly loyal? In the Company of Spies is a gripping espionage novel from acclaimed writer Stephen Barlay. Praise for Stephen Barlay: “A book to make the authorities sit up”. – Guardian “The maniac energy of the writing holds you tight.” – The Times “Stephen Barlay has jumped into the front rank of thriller writers…Highly recommendable… a story of mounting complexity and excitement.” – Irish Times “Barlay keeps things steadily on the boil, ending on a note of irony…fine escape reading.” – New York Times “A book spattered with thrills and surprises and delightfully free from the pseudo-intellectualism which seems to have eaten its way into so much of today’s literature. No need to tell you to read it to the end. Once you’ve started, you can’t help doing so.” – Manchester Evening News Stephen Barlay was an acclaimed writer and journalist. Born Istvàn Bokor, Barlay worked as a radio journalist in Hungary, before fleeing to England in 1956 in the wake of the Hungarian uprising. He quickly rose to prominence as a writer of thrillers. Despite having no English on his arrival, Barlay quickly mastered the language, writing exclusively in this foreign tongue. His son remembers that his relentless smoking matched only his work ethic. Barlay’s other books include Aircrash Detective, Fire, Double Cross, Sex Slavery, Crash Course, Blockbuster and That Thin Red Line.

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