In the Long Run By Haley Cass

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In the Long Run By Haley Cass


Book/Novel Author: Haley Cass

Book/Novel Title: In the Long Run



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Free-spirited and easygoing Taylor Vandenberg left her hometown of Faircombe, Tennessee as soon as she could, and in the twenty-five years since, she has rarely looked back. She wouldn’t change anything about how her life has turned out – having traveled to nearly every country, never staying anywhere long enough to feel stifled. Very few things can hold her attention back in Faircombe: her sister/best friend, her precocious niece, and perhaps the prospect of riling up Brooke Watson.Brooke has known Taylor for her entire life, given that her best friend is Taylor’s younger brother. And a lifelong knowledge of Taylor means that Brooke knows she’s trouble: irresponsible, takes nothing seriously, and is irritatingly attractive. Unlike Taylor, Brooke loves their town so much that she’s spent her adult life dedicated to making sure it doesn’t get swept away like many of the other declining small cities of the American South. Faircombe means the world to her, and she’s willing to do just about anything to make sure it flourishes.Even if it means working with Taylor, whose path seems to continuously be crossing with Brooke’s everywhere she turns…
What an awesome adventure this has been. Loved the slow unfolding of the storyline and the depth of our heroines.
Warning…book hangover will happen.. Haley Cass is an amazing author. Her third book in and I am hooked on everything she has written, this is no exception. The chemisty is outstanding, banter is flawless. The fun in the interactions between the MCs just jumps off the pages. You can’t help but fall in love with this book. It will be one to be read over again and I can see my self fall in love with it each time.
Great romance with wonderful character development. Laughed and cried and couldn’t stop reading to find out what happened next. A fun read.
Amazing!!! One of the best lesbian romance books I’ve read in a very long time! I can’t wait to read more!
Haley Cass has captured so much real emotion. You just feel this book. The characters are so clearly written and relatable. You will enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions, truth, honesty, and maybe some of those things you never say.
As soon as I began reading, I couldn’t stop. The way it was written I felt like I was there in this small town witnessing this romance. Love love love!


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4.9/5309 ratings