Incandescent By Christina Lee

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Incandescent By Christina Lee


Book/Novel Author: Christina Lee

Book/Novel Title: Incandescent



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Delaney Roberts and Marcus Worthy-Davis have quite a few things in common. Both blue-collar workers in their forties, they’ve experienced the tragic loss of their wives and meet through their monthly grief group. Their connection is immediate, their friendship solidifying over texts and barstool confessions, neither feeling quite so lonely in the other’s presence.When Marcus reveals to the group that he’s considering dating, it shakes Delaney to his core. He’s nowhere near ready, not when he feels on unstable ground with his teenage son and has vowed not to uproot his life again. Even if it means pushing his own needs aside. Even if Marcus’s announcement stirs something else inside Delaney, something he’s kept at bay for twenty years, and he suddenly sees their more tender moments in a different light.The first time Marcus holds Delaney during a particularly rough night, the ache in Marcus’s chest, the one he tries hard to ignore, only intensifies. And when their slow-burning friendship sparks into a blazing fire, they finally indulge in each other to satisfy their needs. Marcus knows the arrangement is only temporary, but he feels a rightness with Delaney he can’t easily explain.Soon enough, their longing becomes difficult to ignore. But love after loss is terrifying, the familiarity with pain and despair too close to the surface. To fan the flames of their connection, they’ll not only need to make room in their hearts but also take an enormous leap of faith.

Wow! What a touching, beautifully written love story. I laughed, cried, (a lot), reminisced, and cried some more. The loss of my Mom was long long ago but the feelings and emotions displayed here were all too familiar. I loved thinking about our good times. I loved that our wounds can heal, and we can love wholeheartedly again.
This book was so sweet. While both of these gentlemen were learning to deal with grief they also found friendship. I love that their story was a slower burn romance and they had that foundation of friendship first. They’re both very endearing characters and I loved their families.
I enjoyed reading this work by an author who is new to me. Good writing, all the feels, complex characters and a story of two men looking to find new love after loss. I will read more by Christina Lee and recommend INCADESCENT.
This story has all the feels that move you through emotion from darkest dark to blazing light. Skillfully written and sensitive to a very difficult situation. Bravo!
It was amazing and sweet. I cried happy tears 6 times. This was a wonderful book, I highly recommend. 5 stars.


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