Indebted By J.L. Beck

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Indebted: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (King Crime Family Book 1) By J.L. Beck


Book/Novel Author: J.L. Beck

Book/Novel Title: Indebted

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It was a debt to be settled, a price to be repaid.Sold. My body, mind, and soul, given to the most terrifying man I’ve ever met.Enzo King.Violent, commanding, gorgeous, and sinister.He’s a killer, a thief, and feared by many.He has the ability to pin me to the ground with one single look and make me feel things I don’t want to.Feeding off my fears, he holds me captive in his mansion away from the rest of the world.I know what’s to come.He’ll break me.Take from me.Own me.Soon enough my life will no longer be my own, but his.Every part of my body, every breath I take, and every beat of my heart will belong to him.He’s determined to settle the debt by taking everything from me, what he doesn’t know is that he’ll never have my soul or my love.**This book was previously published in 2014 under the title Indebted, but has been completely rewritten with new character names, and a more in depth story line. You’re not getting the same story from before, this is a brand new story.**

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