Infinite Bond By L. Rose

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Infinite Bond: (slow burn mmmm paranormal romance) By L. Rose


Book/Novel Author: L. Rose

Book/Novel Title: Infinite Bond



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With three hearts to worry about, as well as my own, time will tell if I’m up for the task.I’ve always been normal. Okay, maybe more of an average guy, who’s quiet and awkward. Just someone who’s trying to survive living in my trailer while dodging my mom’s debt collectors.Everything changes when a power within me surfaces, and my eyes are thrown wide open.Humans aren’t the only ones who walk the earth. Read that again, but slowly. I know. I can hardly believe it either.There’s more. With my newfound power, I’m expected to attend a college to learn how to use my slightly terrifying and temperamental telekinetic ability, a power I apparently should have received when I was a kid, not at twenty-one.Throw in my new roommates and my brain threatens to overload while my heart can’t figure out who or what it wants. All my traitorous heart is sure of is that it’s greedy and beats far too fast when any of the three not-completely-human men are around.Not that my wanting will do me any good. There’s Cade who hates me, Zeke who’s super nice and understanding but way out of my league, and Hyde who’s as scary as he is quiet.I have no idea if I’ll survive the changes, but I really want to. Just wait and see for yourself. As soon as you meet these guys, you’ll understand and see our undeniable connection. Just be warned, nothing but death will stop me protecting my hearts.Note: this is a standalone, slow burn, paranormal romance for adults only.
This was a FANTASTIC story. L. Rose did an amazing job of building the relationship between the characters in a way that felt complete and right, rather than forced and awkward.
I want more!!! This story was amazing!! I love the characters development stages throughout the story. It truly was a good read. Highly recommend
I absolute fell in love with Micah and his men. I was glad that there were twists in the plot that I didn’t see beforehand, though hints were there.
I’m sorry but I just don’t understand all of these reviews. This book reads like a Wattpad story and not a very good one. The dialogue and characters feel very 1 dimensional and unnatural. DNF
You know that feeling you get when you finish a book with a huge smile. That’s the feeling I currently have. This was slow burn done right. All the characters are dynamic and have personalities that shine through on their own. The way the bonded group was done was not what I expected initially so they made for a great surprise. Summing it up though what made it really hit all the high points for me is that all secrets and any possible left over points are addressed before the book ends. That is something I truly appreciate as the alternative frustrates me.
Infinite Bond is a poly romance book about Micah and his guys. The book contains a really great story and was well written. The book is a standalone and hits all the right spots. A great read that I couldn’t put down.


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4.9/5309 ratings