Insight By Jay Boyce

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Insight: A Fantasy LitRPG Saga (A Touch of Power Book 4) By Jay Boyce


Book/Novel Author: Jay Boyce

Book/Novel Title: Insight



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A city on the verge of collapse. Thousands dead or dying. One girl standing at the crossroads of fate.Leaving behind bright ballroom lights for a blood-soaked battlefield, Jade is on her way to becoming the hero she never wanted to be. Through the portal a city on fire beckons, besieged by a flood of monsters. In a race against time to protect what’s left, her only choice is to fight fae above her magic class and shine a light into the darkness.As the smoke clears, Jade learns that the Dark One’s monsters weren’t the only thing she should be wary of. Something none of them were expecting slipped through the cracks. If dealing with nobles concerned more about pride than sense wasn’t bad enough, she’ll have to figure out how to handle the existences that could wipe a crumbling city from the map if she’s not careful: baby dragons.Sometimes, the most dangerous problems fly in on tiny wings.
What I like are Jade’s overall personality and growth. Her personality works for me. Her desire to improve the world is great. We need to always strive to improve the world. Other reviews say her ideas come across as overly opinionated but I disagree. Especially since the author didn’t write in anyone disagreeing with her. The people in this story are very fixed in their ways and only travelers seem to cause change. With that being the case an opinionated traveler really helps change happen! The plot seems to have developed a little. The author is clearly getting ready for Jade to face the dark one (my personal guess) as she continues to absorb new skills. No idea if that’s one book off or ten but at the rate, she’s growing I forsee A. immortality (if no one kills her) and B. infinite growth. She mentioned that her overall growth was starting to slow or could slow if she reaches the highest levels in skill but I disagree that her growth could ever be capped. Mainly because the change caused by siphoning 10 people at 15 strength might be significant but when the strength stat is 25 that same change is considered less insignificant. This is quite easily resolved by simply increasing the number of targets siphoned.
Loved this addition to the series! Can’t wait for the next one! This was well written and engaging. I am so glad I picked up this series!
Insight (A Touch of Power #4) by Jay Boyce I read this book out of order, starting with the 4th in the series, yet I am entranced by the series. Its a book related to rpg, or choose your own adventure books but has its own mythology, and ideology. This book starts after enormous events in proper books, yet the reader can become involved with the story with out reading the prior books. The ideas of illness, magic, and self sacrifice are woven through the pages. Showing the extreme of all these things, both for the light and the darkness. The reader will feel a direct connection with Jade. A human girl taken to another world where magic is real, spirits are real, fairies fly, and dragons rule. She acquires powers and abilities that are enhance with every thing or person she comes into contact with. Her personal story pulls at the readers heartstrings, her courage pulls at their spirit, and her failures bring the reader to an understanding that we all make mistakes its what we do afterward that maters. Teaching young students that no one is too powerful, that no one has the right to overlook others, and everyone is held accountable for their actions. A great story for bringing not only imagination, and “girl” power, but life lessons that make a larger impression.

I’ve been patiently waiting for this book to be released. It helps immensely if you follow the author through Amazon. Great reading and sticking to the GameLit code.
Great book. I’d say it’s a good read. Nice slice of life elements in it, very nice. Characters are characterized and etc… very fun read. Action and stuff.


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