Insurrection By R.L. Caulder

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Insurrection (Monarchs of Hell Book 1) By R.L. Caulder


Book/Novel Author: R.L. Caulder

Book/Novel Title: Insurrection



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You’d think as the princess to the House of Death, that I would be looked at with respect. You would be wrong.A reject—that’s the best way to describe how I’m treated. All because I’m a hybrid. The Monarchs of Hell revere pure bloodlines and perfection above all else, and in their eyes…I’m a mutt.Good thing Dear Old Dad, the Grim Reaper, has never once looked at me as anything other than his favorite child. Well, I’m his only child, but semantics.Suddenly he has tasked me with the job of going to the Council Summit in his place. An event that happens once every century to determine which Royal House will be voted into the Supreme position. A position people would kill for.Why he thought the person they all regard as trash, is the right person to represent our House is beyond me, but I come to find myself grateful for this chance. Because it allows me to meet them.The princes of each of the other five Houses who make me feel like an equal for the first time in my life. They ignite a fire within me that I’ve never felt before and it scares me. It’s the type of need that I’ve hoped to never feel due to that side of me… my Succubus side.Because what they don’t know is that I’m a fatal attraction. A kiss with me is the kiss of death. Literally.While attempting to convince myself and them that this can’t work, we’re thrown into a war between the six houses for control.Who will survive in this game of deceit and seduction?Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in the Monarchs of Hell series which will end in a cliffhanger.Read more
I was definitely not expecting such an intriguing reverse harem romance and storyline. Best find in a long time and I am looking forward to continuing the series!
Awesomebook kept me reading to the very end.This was just an absolutely amazing book.Thank you so much
Intriguing start to this series that has me anxious to read the rest of this story.I love the mixture of characters.
Holy he||! Buckle up and sit back because you’re going on a ride you’re not prepared for. The emotional journey is something but the action and snark is exceptional! Moving on to the next one!
Like usual with these authors, this story has an interesting concept, along with characters you’ll fall in love with. To sum it up, there is a four day summit every 100 years to determine and vote on who the “supreme” will be. Aka the most neutral entity or house who will have more say than the other houses and keep everyone in line and peaceful. Not only does this story have an interesting plot filled with political intrigue and surprise, but the blossoming relationship between Ama, the MFC, and her men is sweet and protective and very easy to get behind. I read all of M Sinclairs books because for one thing her writing style is easy to follow and never leaves you wanting, not to mention the unique characters and plots she comes up with just blow me away. The only reason this book lost a star is because I felt it was missing a certain something to really make me all in obsessed like I am with her other books. But I know any reservations I have about book one will be settled by the end of the series!
I absolutely love the storyline in this book and all of the different characters. I found myself laughing quite a bit oh yeah all of the back and forth between the mini main characters.


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