Integration By Brittany Rose

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Integration: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy: An Anise Evans Novel: Book Four By Brittany Rose


Book/Novel Author: Brittany Rose

Book/Novel Title: Integration

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Anise Evans is the goddess of protection and justice.
Anise’s personal life couldn’t be going better. She had three mates she loved to distraction, and one more on the hook. There were still some questions there, but she was sure they’d figure it out.
Her professional life was going okay too, but a new threat was about to arise. Three gods are about to take things into their own hands, in a way that she can’t abide. But what the hell was a minor goddess of justice supposed to do against the reincarnations of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Things were about to get hot, dangerous, and there was no way she could handle it on her own.
If that wasn’t enough, she had new heady responsibilities on the way, ones she wouldn’t be sure she was worthy of. Assuming of course, that she lived through it all…
Author’s Note: This is a full novel, slow burn, Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, which doesn’t stint on the fantasy or the romance. There are some scenes of an explicitly erotic nature.
Most of the book is in the first person, from Anise’s POV, but the men have some cameos in the third person limited POV.

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