Into The Breach By Jason Cheek

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Into The Breach: A LitRPG and GameLit Series. (The World Book 9) By Jason Cheek


Book/Novel Author: Jason Cheek

Book/Novel Title: Into The Breach



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Logging into The World, Startum Ironwolf is confronted with utter chaos. The Northern Invaders have sprung their trap and the raid is dying. He needs a plan and he needs one now!If that wasn’t bad enough, unbeknownst to Startum and his friends in the raid, all across the Plains of Atoll the situation is turning direr by the moment. How are Startum Ironwolf and his fledgling alliance going to face these growing threats when they’re outnumbered and spread out across the Starting Area?WARNING: This is a GameLit/LitRPG story and contains explicit intimate relations, explicit violence, explicit expletives, cussing and swearing, explicit hacking and slashing, betrayals, pant wetting, improper use of motorcycles, general speeding, polyamory, theft, arson, egg-laying, open relationships, power leveling, twinking, PVP, ogling of demi-humans, ogling of humanoids, ogling of monsters, PVE, spawn camping, trespassing, dwarf tossing, cell phone hacking, account hacking, attempted rape, adult situations, violations of civilian rights, a dire wolf with an attitude, infidelity, bawdy relations with Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Beastkin, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves and monsters, MMORPG-style violence, allusions to nonconsensual relations, consensual relations, wolves and bears as pets, nudity and nakedness, no bras, naked raids, murder, attempted murder, atheism, rationalizations, man-handling, decapitations, pirate on pirate violence, gossiping, defenestration, sexual harassment, religious rationalizations, unusual morals, NPC relations, player relations, possible centaur riding, stalking, looting, womanizing, mansplaining, bribery, LAN parties, fantasy depictions of mages and warriors, highly risqué fantasy gaming tropes, personal rants, assault and battery, stabbings, cannibalism, general mayhem, specific mayhem, immolations, explosions, siege weapons of mass destruction, existential discussions, controversial topics of sci-fi fandom, real-world intimate relationships, in-game intimate relationships, playing the field, disrespect for authority, womansplaining, realm invasions, mind control fears, bad tempered marines, conspiracy theories, cohabitation, men playing women, digital prostitution, exsanguinations, women playing men, references to science fiction literature and television, references to gaming, playing MMOs for too many hours straight, government surveillance, jelly donuts, inappropriate gaming names, player abuse, interrogations and torture, chest ogling, grocery store misconduct, talking on a cell in public, relational misconduct, magic misconduct, fangs, general misconduct, voyeurism, making out sessions, heavy petting, insanity, random violence, promiscuity, werewolves and vampires that like to kill, evil gnolls and goblins, good orcs and bad orcs, too much drinking, dismemberment, abuse of authority, abuse of popularity, electrocutions, freeze blasts, arcane explosions, destruction of property, public indecency, annoying escort quests, rezzing and resurrections, castle sieging, city ransacking, slavery, raping and pillaging, role-playing, abuse, crazy ex-girlfriend flashbacks, nutshots and eye poking, the stabbing of private organs, pick-up groups, fast-moving zombies, hunting for food and xp, excessive violence, bareback riding, troll hating, camping, griefing, obstruction of justice, justified vengeance, biting, backstabbing, clawing, trash-talking, open-minded discussions, bitching, close-minded hate, personal opinions, and anything else offensive I may have forgotten to mention. Read at your own risk.
Even though the author had to cut the book in half to fit in within Kindles size guidelines, Jason Cheek has continued to set the example for how a true Gamer thinks, and how competitive a true gamer plays. This series has bucked the LITRPG trend and escaped the proverbial thought box of the genre. The interactions of the characters brings fond memories of past gaming experiences to mind. I recommend this series to any gamer.
Got more POV stories. Which is good. Story lines tie in better. Can’t wait for the next book of the series!!!
I hope this book series comes out with book 10 so I can keep reading because this book series is so much fun to read anyway support the author by the book and keep it going
I’d much rather prefer reading about Star running through the world than spending 30% of the book with side characters I never cared to remember. Most of the details that are in that 30% can just be explained to Star later, but instead I have to read how Jodi is still an ass and how she doesn’t know she has basic necessities to take care of.
This is a really fun series with many engaging characters. That said, every book of the series is padded, up to 25% in the case of this book with an index of all the definitions of every last little aspect of the virtual world. It was very disappointing to find myself at the end of the book at 320 pages instead of the 445 I was lead to believe it would be.
It’s OK, the author continues to beat a dead horse with every player character treating NPC as if they are just programs. Half of this book was the players complaining about each other.


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4.9/5309 ratings