Into the Labyrinth By Donato Carrisi

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Into the Labyrinth By Donato Carrisi


Book/Novel Author: Donato Carrisi

Book/Novel Title: Into the Labyrinth

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**’Intriguing and very scary’ KEN FOLLETT** **Abducted at thirteen.**
**Returned at twenty-eight.**
**Is it time to go back into the labyrinth?** A young woman named Samantha Andretti wakes up in a hospital bed.
Samantha was abducted when she was thirteen.
She was kept prisoner for fifteen years. The man by her side, Dr. Green, believes that Samantha’s memories contain the clues that will lead to the capture of her abductor. But why does she keep referring to a labyrinth? Outside the hospital, private investigator Bruno Genko does not have long to live. Bruno was assigned to Samantha’s case many years ago, and now it is his chance to make amends. Can Samantha be persuaded to go back into the labyrinth? And how did the man its the centre vanish so quickly? **Praise for *The Girl in the Fog* by Donato Carrisi:** **’A coldly brilliant exposé of the depths of human nature’ *Sunday Times** *
* * *
**’Compelling, beautifully written and atmospheric’ *Daily Mail ** ***’A thoroughly disconcerting, addictive thriller’* Metro*** **

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