Irresistible By Kate Hunt

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Irresistible: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance By Kate Hunt


Book/Novel Author: Kate Hunt

Book/Novel Title: Irresistible

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When I find out that my older brother’s best friend is joining our family for Thanksgiving, I’m immediately filled with nerves. I used to have a massive crush on Austin.
Surely it’s faded by now, though, right?
Then Austin shows up…and not only has my crush not faded, but it’s more intense than ever.
And I see him looking at me with just as much desire in his eyes.
But there’s no way he and I can do anything.
No way.
Absolutely not.
If only I could get rid of the fantasies in my head…
*IRRESISTIBLE is a fun, short, omyw romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!* **

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