Islands of Rebellion By Max Carver

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Islands of Rebellion (Empire of Machines Book 2) by Max Carver


Book/Novel Author: Max Carver

Book/Novel Title: Islands of Rebellion

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The ruthless, calculating machines continue to expand their empire on behalf of their human masters, who wallow in decadence and luxury at home on Carthage. On Galapagos, Minister-General Reginald Ellison needs the nations of his world to stand together against Carthage, but generations of animosity, suspicion, and war have divided them sharply against each other. Their technology is not as advanced as the enemy’s, nor their weapons as numerous. Protecting their world means wielding muscle and bone against steel and fire, trading today’s blood for tomorrow’s freedom. On Earth, Colt and Mohini try to make contact with the human rebellion before the machines can track them down. They have a plan to strike against the Simon unit who controls North America, but the rebel leaders may have different ideas about what is best for humanity. On Carthage, Audrey believes she’s finally escaping her old life, but the Prime Legislator’s daughter can never truly be free. As she strikes out for deep space on a rickety old ship diverted from the scrapyard, a Simon-model android arrives to distort the intent of her new mission. Audrey must face the question of whether her family is her fate, and damnation her destiny, and she must finally learn to fight against the empire of machines her home planet has unleashed upon the galaxy.

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