James By Crystal Dawn

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James: Looking for Fated Mates (Big Cats Book 7) By Crystal Dawn


Book/Novel Author: Crystal Dawn

Book/Novel Title: James

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James was headed home with his two youngest kids. Mom had always been his greatest supporter and he knew she would help him now. His wife, or rather his ex-wife had left without a warning. She’d taken every dime and everything of value they had and even managed to somehow sell their house and his SUV without his permission. Now he was back in Arkansas running a construction crew for his cousin Ariel. He was building the chain house when he met the alpha. He’d had enough of females, but she was amazing, and he’d met her before.
Latoya had stepped up taking a job no one wanted. She would be alpha of the chain of lynx at a crucial time. They were moving to Blue Eye, a little spot on the road in Missouri right on the Arkansas border. Everything was going well until she met the construction supervisor of her chain house for the second time. The male was everything she could want at a time she needed her head wrapped around her people and their new lives. Mates could wait.
Two people, both with their minds on their new lives. Could they share those lives, or would they have to go their separate ways?

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