Janus and Oblivion By Noam Oswin

Janus and Oblivion: A LitRPG Saga (The Nightmares of Alamir #1) by Noam Oswin

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Book/Novel Author: Noam Oswin

Book/Novel Title: Janus and Oblivion

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Not many refuse heaven. Fewer reject paradise. Certainly rare are those who would find themselves before a being of unknown power and point out the demerits of nirvana. One man does. When the aloof fourth son of a business mogul makes the decision to save a life at the cost of his own, he discovers that what awaits him at the end of his mortality is not eternal oblivion. He cannot help but be disappointed. When he realizes the world he’s been brought to works like the old fantasy games he used to love, he begins to see the merits. If only he did not start out as the weakest thing in existence, and if only the world he was in was not populated with madness-inducing creatures and fates worse than death. “Decide for yourself, your fantasies and your Nightmares, your companions and your adversaries, your angels and your demons, your gods and your monsters. Alamir stretches to you a hand of a thousand possibilities – You only need take it.”

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