Janus and The Prince By Noam Oswin

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Janus and The Prince: A LitRPG Saga (The Nightmares of Alamir Book 2) By Noam Oswin


Book/Novel Author: Noam Oswin

Book/Novel Title: Janus and The Prince

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Cowards mock men.

Idiots mock kings.

But to mock a god?

To stand at the precipice of paradise and damnation, and to open thy lips, and denounce the divine as an ignorant existence unworthy of their divinity –

None would dare.

None, except him.

For lip-service to a deity, he is reborn as a creature whose belly scrubs the earth. Reincarnating as a worm in the madness that is Alamir, the man who spat in the face of a god turns and spits in the face of destiny.

He ascends, from battle and bloodshed, to find favor in a Witch of the Night just as mad, if not far madder, than he. Baptized on the eve of the genocide of her people, he is bestowed the name Janus – and is reborn with the power to explore the road not travelled.

The power to eat his cake and have it, to split the timeline as he desires, and pave his own path towards his chosen future.

That chosen future, awaits his bony, skeletal hands.

War cometh for the defiant. War between cosmic horrors and ubermensch, apocalypse seekers and twisted messiahs, reincarnated madmen and avatars of extinction –

And the man who defied a god, stands in the center.

“Hero, villain, monster, savior, king, slave, good or evil – all irrelevant when the Nightmares of Alamir come midnight, wielding a dim lantern, rasping with a croaky voice as their unholy fingers rap against your door.”

“Now, tell the world… How shall you answer?”

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