Jealous Cop By Lena Little

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Jealous Cop (Jealous Psycho Book 1) By Lena Little


Book/Novel Author: Lena Little

Book/Novel Title: Jealous Cop



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I love my job as a cop but after being passed up for another promotion, I Iet it rip…ending in my suspension.I’m ready to drown my anger in coffee and donuts when I see her.I don’t know where she came from or why she’s here, but I sure as hell know where she’s going and why.My bed, to give me babies.I want her thoroughly marked as mine. Her entire body proof of the claim I laid on her.I sound like a complete and utter maniac, but it’s what she does to me.I like that she’s a bit feisty, that she’s trying to make it in this world alone. I can relate.I recognize and respect it. And want to help her.And help myself to her.She will be mine and any man who even thinks they have a chance with her will meet the end of my boot and my fists.She will. Never. Escape. Me.
Leona little you did a great job ,a really good book the people in the book had a rough life ,but loved life,and family and they got it in the end . Loved it.
This was a pretty decent read! Was it perfect- nope. Was it a bit ridiculous? Yup. BUT, I enjoyed it overall. Escorial my bc it’s got an OTT JP cop H. Lol The things:-OTT JP H whose a cop-JEALOUSSSS lol. This guy can’t dealWith her around other men lol. He pulls a fire alarm to disrupt her interview lol -stalking behaviors… I don’t really think this is a stalker bc it was minimal BUT, he does stalk her lol. He follows her to her interviews, puts a camera in a vase for flowers and has to delivered.-protective: he gets her better security for her whole apartment building .-Instalove…. He sees her and BOOM she’s it. Lol he is all of a sudden so possessive, he makes sure she doesn’t even take the order of the other guy who is in the coffee shop she’s working in lol-Br33ding… it’s not a lot of the “action” but he’s very clear about wanting to knock her up ASAP lol-H is a cop-age gap of 20 years (h is 18 & H is 37/38)-clothes ripping -h is a V but we don’t get the popping scene -HEAThere was some stuff that made no sense but with this type of book that’s fine lol. I enjoyed the crazy jealous and possessive H so much hahaha. A decent read for those days you just need something mindless filled with a crazy jealous H. Lol
I mean really, who gave this book that many stars? I like instant love, fast paced stories but this was kind of boring. Sorry, just didn’t see that much worth reading. Shirley
Caleb is so OTT that the phrase OTT means nothing! He’s violent n aggressive to the point of excess. I like the j/p/p alphas but he was just a tad OTT. Some of the things in this book made me LOL in both good n bad ways. I thought the ending was sweet tho.
I love the story idea, it’s the delivery that I find lacking. With much better writing, this could’ve been a great book because I’ve read other OTT cop possessive books that were great.
I should have listened to the low reviews. This book was really out there. I usually stay away from age gap romances but I decided to give this one a try. Man, wish I hadn’t. I made it to 44% and could not finish. The FMC read as incredibly young. During her virginal love scene she reveals she’s 18 to his pyscho 38. It was gross. She was written so young-minded it disturbed me. The MMC is a cop who does things like pull fire alarms and abuses his power. At every turn he is doing something unhinged and it’s really horrible. When the FMC is triggered and wants to call the cops. He reminds her that he is a cop. I couldn’t help but think of officers taking advantage of their protective community. I don’t want to hear some of the language being used during their scenes because it was a teenager being with a grown man. Just odd


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