Jewell By Jamie Begley

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Jewell (Biker Bitches Book 7) By Jamie Begley


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Begley

Book/Novel Title: Jewell



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One by one, she watched The Last Riders find their happily ever after with women who weren’t her.The one that hurt the most was Reaper.But, even with the dagger that had been lodged deep in her heart, she still held hope that this time, finally, she would be given the winning hand.And what do you think she was given?Not the hot, badass biker she was expecting. He wasn’t bad, nor was he a biker.He was hot, though.While one out of three sucked, it wasn’t worth her giving up The Last Riders for. Of course that didn’t prevent her from taking him out for a test drive, either.Until … she found out the road ahead wouldn’t be the same without him.Until … she didn’t want to ride with anyone else.Until … she reached the curve in the road where she had to make a choice.Either leave The Last Riders to continue the ride with a man who might ultimately give her that winning hand, or leave him.
I have to say I use to think trains book was my favorite but this just blew that out of the water !!! I kept stopping because I didn’t want it to end !
The best ending of any of her books… It kept me On edge The whole way through. And I love Greer That much more after this book. Jewel is the most amazing part of this story. You get pulled into her World Past and present.. The Last Riders have to be the best always… Hope the books keep coming
I love this book, it revealed Jewell relationship with her love interest Rory. It also let the reader understand her family background and how she became a last rider. I enjoyed reading characters from the last riders. I would like to read in your next book Moon, Silas or Jesus.

More on the series where nothing is like it seems to be.  This time we have Jewell, who is still suffering from her onside love to Reaper.  She wants to go, but fate and a conspiracy by some of the people around her stop her from it, and she is put in a situation where she is forced to be close to a man she wants nothing to do with, but that wants her and will stop at nothing to have her.So once again we have a book by Jamie where the main character ends up in the opposite situation to what she wanted.  Of course, it’s because all the people who pushed her into that situation believed it was what was best for her, and it ends up that way.  As with all the books in the Biker Bitches series, we find that Jewell is a nice and selfless person who is capable of doing anything for others, even against her own self interests.  We also get to know all about her sad past and everything she had to endure.  At the end, even though she is happy, I can’t help but think that once again it was the man who got what he wanted, and she is the one who had to sacrifice the most at the end.  But even with that, it was a book so easy to read and entertaining.  Books by Jamie, even when I don’t agree with what is happening and might think some situations are not the best, can’t help but crave them.
This story of Rory and Jewel takes you through an emotional roller coaster but so worth the ride!!! I am still crying!!


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