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June First By Jennifer Hartmann


Book/Novel Author: Jennifer Hartmann

Book/Novel Title: June First



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Want to know what happens to a man who barely claws his way out of a tragedy, only to fall right into the arms of the one girl in the world he can never have?Another tragedy, that’s what.When I was six years old, my father made a choice that altered the course of my entire life.Because of what he did, the only girl I ever loved became the only girl I couldn’t have.In a lot of ways, I did have her…I had her first steps, her first words, her first smile. I had her milestones, her heartbreaks, her dreams. I had her heart so woven in with mine, I didn’t know where she ended, and I began.Only, as the years pressed on, lines became blurred—and the blurrier the line, the easier it is to cross.They say tragedy comes in threes.For me, that was true.The first one changed me, the second one broke me, and the third one healed me.But at the center of all that tragedy… there is a love story.And at the center of that love story,There is June.REVIEWS ★★★★★”Jennifer Hartmann penned an exceptionally unique story with every emotion digging its claws into your heart. June First is an unforgettable masterpiece!” – Jewel E. Ann, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author”A touching coming of age story that oh-so-slowly kindles, and when it ignites, hold on tight because oh baby, this forbidden love burns. The angst and steam alone will overfill your taboo-loving heart. Such a beautiful, unforgettable book.” – Pam Godwin, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author”The writing was heartfelt, vivid, and infused with harrowing passion. It was entwined with visions of love, hope, and dreams. It’s no surprise that Jennifer Hartmann finds herself in our top ‘must read’ authors.” – Totally Booked Blog”Poignant, profound and poetic, this masterfully crafted, exquisitely beautiful story outshines all the other stars in the contemporary romance sky.” – BookAddict Reviews”This book took my tears, bated my breath, and owned my heart. A unicorn dancing among the rainbows, June First is a top 2022 romance worth all the stars.” – Karen McVino, Bookalicious Babes Blog”This is the type of masterpiece you cry buckets of both sad and happy tears over, then you tuck the memories beneath your pillow to keep forever.” – Chelley St Clair, Romance Author “With June First, Jennifer Hartmann has taken a trope that is all too common these days and she has turned it into something that is truly original and heartbreakingly beautiful.” – But First Let’s Read”June First is simply exquisite. Forbidden love, delicious chemistry, and characters to love and root for, makes this book a true 5 star read!” – Jessica Ruben, International Bestselling Author”Hartmann excels at writing stories steeped in anguish and heartache like none other. This book is pure affliction from page one to the last. A standing ovation for this brilliant author who’s destined to be the next B-I-G thing. – Shabby, BookBistroBlog”Brant and June will live with me for a very long time. This is easily my favorite standalone book I have ever read. My heart two days later is still living in this book. I’m rereading chapters because I can not get over just how amazing it is.” – Jenn Hope Reads”The epitome of Kindle Crack. This emotion-packed, coming of age and forbidden romance was unputdownable. June First is going on my best of 2022 list.” – Kindle Crack Book Reviews”This was forbidden romance in the most beautiful way. I need you all to just live and breathe this book. I literally have not read a bad book by this author since discovering her but that’s because she writes some of the most compelling love stories to date.” – Tish, The Book Thief
The hole story was written to perfection. For along story it did not drag at all. If Life wasn’t always in the way I would of read it one day. Highly recommended.
As usual, Jennifer Hartmann has delivered a well written heart wrenching story. This book took me longer than it normally would for me to read a book this size because it broke my heart over and over again, but the ending was worth it.I highly recommend reading with tissues.
I am at a loss for words and thoughts. This book was so beautiful and tender and sweet and magical and special. We follow Brant and June’s lives for yearsss, starting when he’s 6 years old, and the slow unraveling of their story was just everything. This is definitely my new fav Jennifer Hartmann read and a new favorite for me of the year. I lost track of how many times this book made me cry. I love this story and their journey and these characters so so much. If I could give this book more stars, I would.Bubbles, and lullabies, and Aggie, and a saver, and remarkable days, and Mario, Luigi & Peach, and “over the rainbow and back again”, and swords, and firsts & lasts, and “moments”, and love, and always putting June first, and forever.
If you like a romance with angst and heartbreak before you earn that HOA, you will like this story. I am not usually drawn to books with taboo love stories or childhood trauma, however the true sweetness of the characters shines brighter than the heavy subject matter.
Through childhood tragedies, love and tears this remarkable book made me pause to think and to cry. What great characters and genuine feelings and situations. A++ to Jennifer Hartmann
Brant met June soon after she was born, his mother told him that June feels like a new beginning, it was just not the one he expected, he remembers the bad night.Growing up together Brant and Jude were always close, closer than her own brother. As they grew up though their feelings started to change, Brant tried to stay away, June was forbidden, but all he did was hurt and June hurt to.Tragedy after tragedy happens, but he slowly gets through them, and June is there al the time. They both know that if they try to be together, they could lose everything including each other, are they willing to risk can their love survive.


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