Just a Taste By Charlie Tran

Just a Taste: A Vampire Mpreg Romance (Vampires of Worj Book 1) by Charlie Tran

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Book/Novel Author: Charlie Tran

Book/Novel Title: Just a Taste

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I want him. I need him. For an eternity. Duke’s friends have dragged him on a boys trip. But what’s so special about that? They want to go ghost hunting. An old castle in Worj, while restricted to the public, is supposed to be one of the most haunted destinations around. So they plan to have a look. Thankfully, there’s no real ghosts to haunt their brains out. Unfortunately, there is a vampire. Sebastian has been living alone for centuries, and Duke piques his interest among the boys that trespass into his home. The choice he offers is easy. Be my dinner, or be my pet. There’s more to Sebastian than just an aversion to sunlight and a rockin’ body. He’s got some emotional trauma he still needs to deal with, even if he claims otherwise. Will Duke be able to help heal the heart of his new Master? Or will Sebastian choose to ignore his past forever? Just a Taste is a fast-paced novella that combines sweet fluffy moments with the horrors of vampirism, complete with a HEA. Contains violence, elements of mpreg, knotty scenes, a little dirty talk and foul language. Suitable for readers over eighteen. This is Book 1 in the Vampires of Worj series meant to be read in order, but may be read as a standalone.

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