Just One Dare By Carly Phillips

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Just One Dare: The Dirty Dares (The Kingston Family Book 5) By Carly Phillips


Book/Novel Author: Carly Phillips

Book/Novel Title: Just One Dare



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A one night stand with no names exchanged.Six years later, she comes face to face with her baby’s father again.Aurora Michaels isn’t the same girl she was that spring night. No longer homeless and living in the back room of a diner where she worked, she’s now a member of the wealthy Kingston family. She has her daughter, a career and has adjusted to her new normal.Billionaire Nick Dare is a man who takes charge. He runs the hotel arm of the family empire and his life revolves around business and travel. A quick stop at his brother’s movie premier has him doing a double take.The woman who haunts his dreams is there. He’s been given a second chance and is determined to make the most of it.When he learns about their daughter, Nick becomes a man on a mission. Aurora and their child are his. Even if he has to knock down Aurora’s emotional walls to prove it.

Just love all these stories that link with others by this author. I look forward to the audiobook version of this also. Thank you
I have been waiting for Aurora’s s and honestly love it and I was not disappointed at all I got started on this book and could not put it down.Aurora didn’t have a good childhood. Aurora did not know who her father was, nor did she know that he was sending money to her mother for, but her mother kept and spend. She went to live with her grandmother and then went into the foster care system when her grandmother died. So, when she turned 18 she had a one night stand and ended up pregnant.She had just started to get her life together. Link Kingston had found out his father had fathered another child. With this information led Link Kingston to go looking her. She discovered from Link that she has a family, and they want her to come and be a part of it.Nick lives quite the nomad life and worked long hours taking care of the Dare’s hotels. But has never forgotten his one-night stand. Then 6 years he was going to a film screening and looked up and saw his one-night stand, as he spotted her, she spotted him and ran to hide.Keep reading to find out what happens, you will not be disappointed.I received an free ARC copy of this book in order to give my review on it.
They met six years ago and in their own way had an one night no last name given time together. But it back fired for her when later she finds out that she was pregnant and couldn’t reach out to tell him. Now her life has been blessed with the fact that she is no longer alone. She found out that she has a family, siblings that recently found out that she was out there and in need of them. He finds her while attending a function with his family and friends. Finding out that he is a father has him rethinking his priorities. Not all will go smoothly. Can these two be able to commit and make one little girl’s dream come true with a happy ending?
I really enjoyed this book and read it within one evening!!! Here’s to hoping there are many more books in this series!
Every time I read one of the books in this series, I think it can’t be better than the last one. Boy was I wrong. The storyline, the characters, their connections and chemistry are all so amazing I can’t put the book down.Aurora and Nick’s story will keep you posted you reading on because you want them to finally be together. And breaking down Aurora’s walls around her heart is a challenge that Nick won’t give up on. And little Leah will steal your heart.


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