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Just One Favor By Stephanie Rose


Book/Novel Author: Stephanie Rose

Book/Novel Title: Just One Favor



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Tyler Bennett and I hate each other.The annoying jerk my parents forced me to play with as a kid grew up to be a sexy, grumpy baker who still can’t stand me. Sure, maybe I enjoy our bitter banter, his cocky smirk, his chocolate chip cookies. But there’s a reason I can’t play nice.You’re wondering why—if I hate the guy so much—did I agree to be his fake date to his cousin’s wedding? Look. Just because I love being a pain in the man’s well-formed butt doesn’t mean I want someone else torturing him. Especially not the ex-fiancée who left him for his best friend.One night of faking it takes an unexpected turn. Heated glances, lingering touches, that arrogant mouth against mine. One night of getting swept away in an attraction that maybe isn’t so one-sided after all.Aside from this new, tentative friendship laced with sexual tension, something else has grown out of that night.And Tyler and I will have to figure it all out…in about nine months.Author’s note: Just One Favor is an enemies-to-lovers standalone romance with a hot side of longing, sexually-charged banter, a broken hotel bed, and chocolate cream pie.
Just One Favor by Stephanie Rose caught my interest from an excerpt of their first kiss.”I speared a hand into her hair and hauled her to me, gliding my tongue along her bottom lip until she opened her mouth on a surprised moan. Her arms looped around my neck as I pulled her closer, her full breasts pressing against me as the kiss went from tentative to desperate. I licked insider her mouth with long strokes, drinking it all in to quench the thirst I’d never wanted to acknowledge…..Every time one of us would back away, the other would go in faster and harder. The push and pull were familiar — both of us had always wanted the last word, but this game of dominance was a new one that I liked. Hell, I fu**ing loved it. Instead of winning whatever stupid argument we’d fallen into, I wanted to claim her in another way, make her scream and writhe beneath me until she was nothing but a little puddle of Olivia. The thought made my blood run a little cold, but not enough to douse the scorching heat between us.”That excerpt right there had me adding this to my next “book to read” list and boy, it did not disappoint.Olivia and Tyler are enemies to lovers that brought on the old age saying, “If a boy is mean to you, that means he loves you”, except it’s in reverse with the girl being mean to him. I love their little spats and quibbles.Their journey to love is fun and steamy. It was an easy and light read that had me smiling through the entire book. Just One Favor by Stephanie Rose is one I would read again for sure.
Just One Favor was such a pleasant and lovely read. There wasn’t too much drama and the MCs chemistry was off the charts. I found the role reversal of the tease the one you like trope so cute. Olivia was such a breath of fresh air. I love that when she loved, she loved hard and she didn’t beat around the bush when it came to her feelings for Tyler. There wasn’t any annoying inner monologues of “I hate him. I love him.” She was active and vocal with what she wanted (for the most part.) I love the vulnerability she showed after her father’s death and how she faced herself and her past actions head on knowingly changing to be a better person. Olivia and Tyler’s story, though simple, was certainly one for the books.
I kept hearing about this book and decided to give it a chance. It is H O T and the story line is fun and still full of emotion. I’m so glad I gave it a chance.
This was a great book. I didnt like that it missed and jumped ahead to a year ago. Would have been great to have her go into labor and how comical guys arewhen that happens. It would have made for a really good story. This is a great story but it would have been alot better.
This is my first story by this author.Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes. A Fake relationship, crazy families, close proximity and surprise pregnancy make this jam packed with all ingredients for a yummy recipe. The resulting entree is divine and the dessert delicious.Tyler is a baker, self employed who thinks his family doesn’t fully support his dream. Olivia is a marketing whiz, secret food blogger who misses her dad terribly and worries non-stop about her mom. She’s bold, brazen and has made Tyler’s life a living hell from the time they were toddlers. Their mothers are best friends and the families are frequently together.Olivia wants to put the past behind them and be friends. Tyler is hesitant, yet agrees and accepts her offer to help him, to be his fake girlfriend for his cousin’s wedding. The saying goes, “there is a thin line between love and hate”. For Tyler and Olivia that line is razor thin.I enjoyed this story very much. Discovering in the author’s notes it was born as a TMAS idea from Lucy Score’s reader group just made it that much better. Plus is has the cutest name for a bakery ever.4.5 stars
I loved the abbreviated version of this story 2 years ago and told Stephanie to let me know when she published the real book. She laughed & I forgot. Two years later, it came to my attention again. This time someone mentioned that Stephanie had actually published a book inspired by that story. It was worth the wait.Stephanie, enemies to lovers and forced proximity are two of my favorite tropes. You put both in one book & you knocked it of the park. The characters were relatable, well-developed, likable (most of the time), and realistically flawed.I lost my father when I was in my 20s. I also felt like I should have known something was wrong and been there when he died. Therefore, I could relate to Olivia’s guilt and stages of grief. It gets easier but, never stops hurting.My dad was, & my mom and I are, Diabetic. I related to the struggles Olivia’s mom faced just going about her every day life. Thank you for addressing this reality we live with while not making the disease define her.


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