Just One Look By Rosalind James

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Just One Look (Escape to New Zealand Book 14) By Rosalind James


Book/Novel Author: Rosalind James

Book/Novel Title: Just One Look



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She just needs a reboot. He doesn’t need anything.Luka Darkovic has some tackling skills. He hadn’t planned on using them to bring down a runaway dog the size of a Shetland pony, especially not when his neck is already buggered. At 33, a rugby forward protects his vertebrae. He’s even less happy when the dog’s incompetent owner turns up in his hospital cubicle the next day with a plan to fix those vertebrae. He prefers his life simple and his neurosurgeons drama-free. And definitely less distracting.Dr. Elizabeth Wolcott just needs a reboot. Or possibly a life. The last place she intended to look for it was New Zealand, site of her most humiliating adolescent moments, yet here she is. As for adding more humiliating moments? No, thank you. She’s already responsible for the world’s biggest, hairiest, and least obedient dog. She’s not even going to think about a rugby star with a broken nose and a face that crumples when he smiles, not to mention too many supermodels in his past. She is disciplined. She is professional. Also, she is realistic.Did she mention that he was the love of her adorable blonde stepsister’s life?Read more
Rosalind James writes books with dialog that touches me…every time. Her characters find that they are able to move through their pasts and find a future living with imperfections. I race to finish her stories and also always regret coming to the end.
I have read everything that Rosalind James has ever written.I just reread the Escape to New Zealand series, culminating in Just One Look.I was immediately drawn into the characters Elizabeth and Luka.Both emotionally stunted, it was hard for both of them to trust each other and learn to like themselves.This book is really long, 578 pages, but it made for a very satisfying read.I always feel the more pages the better.I just finished the book, but I may reread it again.This is the type of book that rereading gives you details that you may have missed the first time.Definitely one of 2021’s best romance books.
Absolutely her best. Had to read the last two chapter twice just to enjoy how well it was written. Buy it; enjoy it!(I don’t write reviews on books, it was that good.)
Wow. What an enjoyable read, especially for one woefully in the dark about this beautiful land and it’s people. It didn’t take long for me to be team Luka. Two broken people starting a tentative relationship against all odds. Storyline was gripping at times with plenty of steamy love scenes. It tweaked my interest in Rugby of all things. Well worth your time as this story will stay with you for a long time.
Wholly satisfying book that will make you laugh & cry & sigh & possibly learn something about human nature, overcoming childhood damage & learning to live your best life & adapt to challenges in this crazy thing called life!
Rosalind James is one of my favorite romance novelist.Her books reveal a wonderful side of this country and has given me a desire to one day visit.


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