Just So Stories, Illustrated Edition By Rudyard Kipling

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Just So Stories, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday’s Classics) By Rudyard Kipling


Book/Novel Author: Rudyard Kipling

Book/Novel Title: Just So Stories, Illustrated Edition



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Fanciful explanations, that delight both young and old, of how some curious things came to be, including stories of how the elephant got his trunk, how the camel got his hump, and how the alphabet was invented. Suitable for ages 6 and up.
Read one (Cat who walked alone) story to my 7 year old and she liked the story. I plan on reading the rest of them to her too.
Very nice hard bound book, wonderful illustrations (though I wish they were bigger).The paper used is fantastic, nice thickness.I don’t have to worry about accidental rippage.I can’t wait to start reading this to my granddaughter!
Great stories, but not so great addition. Looks like reprint of an old book, self printed book. The illustrations are black and white and scares. Greatly overpriced. It was a disappointment for me.
When I was a child, over six decades ago, I was entertained by a set of the Just So Stories and my favorite was ‘How the Elephant Got His Trunk”. The books from my childhood had the beautiful color illustrations as the one shown in the page. I later purchased a copy of the stories with original illustrations (black and white). Seeing the copy for sale with the cover brought back happy memories, so I purchased the book with the goal of making happy memories with my grandchildren. When the book arrived I could barely contain my excitement. This quickly changed when I opened the book contained the original black and white drawings. No colorful rendition of ‘the banks of the great gray green greasy Limpopo River all set about with fever trees.” Great stories, but I do miss those color illustrations of my childhood.
Poor translationI was looking forward to reading these stories to my kids Bc I had fond memories of reading these. Unfortunately the translation is terrible and in old EnglishI haven’t been able to find a good English translation of Kipling … but this one is definitely not it
This edition looks like it was printed on a half-broken copy machine from 1969.The glorious colour chapter plates by Joseph M. Gleeson have become sorry, black and white, washed out versions of the originals, and nowhere are the wonderful woodcut illustrations by author Kipling.If you can’t find an copy with the Gleeson/Kipling illustrations, look for the 1996 Books of Wonder edition with Barry Moser’s imaginative drawings.But DO NOT buy this book.


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