Justice By Brittany Rose

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Justice: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy: An Anise Evans Novel: Book One By Brittany Rose


Book/Novel Author: Brittany Rose

Book/Novel Title: Justice

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Anise Evans is the goddess of protection and justice.
She’s also a known vigilante, which makes her life dream of being in law enforcement rather moot, no agency would hire someone with a record. She does what she can, and she protects the people in her neighborhood the best she can, all while trying not to get caught again.
Her life’s about to change. The tensions between the supernatural races and humans haven’t exactly been cordial since exposure eighteen years ago, but things are about to heat up even further, and she’s about to be dragged into the middle of it…
Author’s Note: This is a full novel (over 62K words), slow burn, Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, which doesn’t stint on the fantasy or the romance. There are some mature situations in this book, but no erotic or explicit scenes of sex. There will be explicit scenes in the following books however, so be warned now. There are four planned books in this series, so minor cliffhangers are unavoidable, but the main plot in this book will be tied up by the end.
Most of the book is in the first person, from Anise’s POV, but the men have some cameos in the third person limited POV.

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