Karnov By Byron A. Roberts

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Karnov: Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice By Byron A. Roberts


Book/Novel Author: Byron A. Roberts

Book/Novel Title: Karnov

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Returning from battle, the warrior Karnov discovers his family murdered and his homeland ravaged by vampyres. Learning that the undead Lord Ghormanteia is responsible for unleashing nosferatu hordes upon the land, he seeks aid from the sultry witch of a nearby woodland. By blood and sorcery, he is granted the supernatural ability to traverse worlds and absorb undead souls to gain strength. Declaring Ghormanteia shall fall by his ice-encased blade, Karnov sets out on a quest of vengeance to cleanse the land of its evil scourge.
Ghormanteia’s minions are not the only threat Karnov must face on his journey. A scheming blood-countess, a serpent monster with time-displacing venom, a mutant-breeding necromancer, daemonic forces, an uprising cult, and myriad creatures all stand in his way. Aided by witchcraft and sorcerous allies, will Karnov’s powers and burning lust for retribution be enough to avenge his loved ones, or will undead wraiths corrupt the earth forever? Through mist-shrouded graveyards, haunted castles, cosmic gateways and strange worlds, *Karnov: Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice* will take you to the heart of the vampyre’s lair and beyond!
Matthew Knight, Howie K. Bentley and Byron A. Roberts unite to pen this blood-drenched tale of Gothic-inspired sword and sorcery, each of their individual styles bringing to life memorable characters, otherworldly creatures, savage battles and darkly heroic scenarios. Classic horror film atmosphere meets pulp-style swashbuckling adventure, this action-packed epic is sure to please any fan of dark fantasy. **

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