Keep Away By M.R. Forbes

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Keep Away (Starship for Sale Book 3) By M.R. Forbes


Book/Novel Author: M.R. Forbes

Book/Novel Title: Keep Away



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Ben knows that if he’s going to make it as a starship captain, something’s got to give. After another unexpected run-in with Mr. Keep, he’s ready to accept that he can’t avoid his fate forever.But the first step is a doozie, and he isn’t exactly starting out on the best footing. He has more to lose than his starship or his life. A lot more. Buying the starship was business. This is personal.The adventure of a lifetime continues in the third installment of the #1 sci-fi bestselling Starship For Sale series. If you like found starships, unlikely heroes, and intergalactic mayhem, you’ll love Starship For Sale.
Like another series this one also seems like it would go week on the big screen.Lot of inside jokes here, as well as the learning curve for a boot.
This is a really fun story line, not something you’ve read before. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!!!
Loved this book. Glad Ben was able to see his family, and enjoyed all the action. Can’t wait for the next.
What an amazing story about galactic travel and finding answers to an amazing puzzle.Recommend this unexpected adventure of survival and teamwork.
I really enjoyed this series so far, looking to see volume 4 soon, especially since magic has been introduced to the series.
Is it silly in spots, that just makes more fun. An enjoyable trip of adventure that reminds me of an old time serial


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