King of Eon By Anna Hackett

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King of Eon (Eon Warriors Book 9) By Anna Hackett


Book/Novel Author: Anna Hackett

Book/Novel Title: King of Eon



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The King of the Eon Warriors has decided to take a Terran as his bride…but finds himself shockingly attracted to the tough, beautiful Space Corps officer in charge of his potential brides’ security.King Gayel Solann-Eon is dedicated to his people and empire. His father was a hard man and a rigid king, but Gayel is doing things his own way. That includes working with his allies to defeat the ravenous insectoid Kantos. To strengthen the alliance with Earth, he’ll put his own wants and needs aside and take a Terran bride. But as the group of bridal candidates arrive on the Eon homeworld, he’s shocked by a stunning attraction to the Space Corps officer in charge of their security.Captain Alea Rodriguez has worked hard to escape her awful childhood and make something of herself. Space Corps is her family and her work is her life. Escorting a group of women to an alien planet so a king can pick a bride has left her feeling like she’s on a reality television show. But she takes her job seriously and will keep them safe. What she never expected was her own powerful reaction to the alien warrior king.Stealth attacks by the Kantos make it clear that no one is safe. Alea is sure that the aliens want to assassinate Gayel, and she’ll do anything to protect him, even as she fights to safeguard her heart. But Gayel is a king and a warrior, and as the two of them fight side by side, he will also convince Alea to risk everything: for their people, for their hearts, and for a bond that won’t be denied.The thrilling conclusion to the Eon Warriors series.Read more
Last but by no means least, Gayel, King of Eon finds his mate.He agreed to take a Terran bride to solidify the alliance but it is the Space Corps security captain escorting his prospective brides that catches his eye.Alea is determined to ignore the attraction between them but Gayel is a warrior like her and willing to wage war to win her heart.This series is action packed and this story brings the battle with the Kantos to a conclusion. Plenty of fighting and loving. Alea may not think she’s worthy to be queen but her loyalty and faith in Gayel is the key to victory. All of the prior couples are here and we see not only the first Eon Terran baby but the set up for a new series focused on Orono Knights longtime allies of Eon. Read this series from start to finish, you won’t be disappointed.Can’t wait for the spinoff series.
Anna is my go-to for feel-good, action romance. This is a great finale to the Eon series. Gayel is a good, honorable king, with the welfare of his empire in mind when he decides to choose a human bride, to firmly cement the alliance between Eon and Earth. He wasn’t expecting Captain Rodriguez of Space Fleet. They are brave and bad-ass in their fight to save their worlds as they are in forming their relationship. A great end to the series!
I loved the finale book from Miss Anna Hackett book Son Warriors. This toe main characters pride themselves of digit and honor. One must marry to satisfy a need while growing he other feels they are not good employ for anyone.
Book 9 of the Eon Warriors was a great end to a very good series.I was not sure how it was going to end but was sure it was going to be a disappointed ending.Luckily that was not the case, you were kept in the dark until the very end.
Wow…just Wow !!!Anna Hackett can write some awe inspired stories. This was everything in one novel.There was of course a love story but also an action packed fighting scenes. Extremely addictive and you will want to start with book one of this series. Go and Enjoy!!!
Absolutely loved it. Amazing way to complete the series. Showing sides of the characters that makes us like them even more.


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