Kingdom Come By J.N. Chaney

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Kingdom Come (Backyard Starship Book 7) By J.N. Chaney


Book/Novel Author: J.N. Chaney

Book/Novel Title: Kingdom Come



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When the Fafnir responds to a desperate distress call, their act of kindness is turned against them, making Van the most wanted man in the known universe.Targeted by a vicious, charismatic politician and his shadowy partner, Van and his friends are faced with a decision that carries long term consequences—deliver justice. . . or run and hide. The choice is easy. The Fafnir will attack, and criminals will pay regardless of the bounty chasing them across the stars.But first, there’s a little business to take care of in the form of a social event at Milon Estates. Dress is formal, the atmosphere tense, and a choice must be made. And just like Van’s decision to fight, the event on Helso will change his life forever.The crew is willing, and the ship is ready. Now, all Van has to do is avoid the law, apply the law, and dive headfirst into a conspiracy that will play out on the largest stage of all: The Galaxy itself.Experience the seventh entry in the ongoing Backyard Starship series from USA Today Bestsellers J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert. Buckle up and grab your juicebox, because it’s time to get out there and save the Galaxy.
For some unrealized reason, it took longer for me to become fully vested in this installment than the previous books. By the end, the interest was well deserved and I was pleased I persevered. Continued character development for the main cast members, and additional layers in the overall plot were defined and detailed. Several detailed battles, some collateral losses and a renewed sense of purpose move the storyline forward effectively. With some story threads resolved, this book ends well and positions the reader for the next release.
Still enjoying it. The characters are becoming more real and alive. The series is like the old TV series, Maverick; a misfit hero wielding a six gun and a deck of cards. Not even a white hat. Yes I am really that old
Really, really enjoyed reading this installment in this great series of books about Van and his crew as he follows the family tradition of fighting crime.
Having been raised in central Iowa and having read all the sci-fi books in the library(in 1969), this series really touches me in a good way. I will bet this starship would have fit in my uncle’s barn! Beam me up Scotty! I want to join up. Great series!
This has been an edge of your seat reading experience! The characters are fabulous and have depth! And as you let go of your imagination while your reading you become a part of it! Jump in nd enjoy this ride!
Another fun read. New discovery. Taking the battle to the enemy. Some more family history is tantalizingly dangled but will have to wait until the bottle of bourbon arrives.


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4.9/5309 ratings