Kink Camp By Adriana Anders

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Kink Camp: Hunted By Adriana Anders


Book/Novel Author: Adriana Anders

Book/Novel Title: Kink Camp



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Male Primal Hunter seeks Female Prey for a one-time, anonymous hunt. No faces. No names. No repeats.My desires…I’m afraid. I want things – to escape, to run, to be caught, held down and…I’ve come here to find the thing to quench my most sensual fantasies.When I see him – I know. He’s brutal and made of stone. An artist with his hands who keeps everyone at arm’s length. He’s the one I want – I need.May be my downfall.I’m not a man you play with. I gave up on finding a partner years ago.But now I see her. Innocent. Beautiful. Temptation. I want to possess her as much as I want to protect her from myself.I am the king here, but once she’s gone? I’ll be a man alone once again.Now that I have her. I have to find a way to keep her…forever.Kink Camp is a world apart, a place where pain is pleasure, hate can be love, and we are all our own true selves. Every act is consensual, every person respected—unless that’s not what they want. This book plunges you into the deep end, with consensual non-consent, forced fantasy, and primal play. Tread carefully.
This is the first time reading a book by Adriana Anders and it did not disappoint. We meet Grace who is a house painter and an artist and Liev a sculptor and owner Kink Camp. It’s a quick primal romance but the characters are amazing. The plac scenes was intense and hot which match their chemistry. Both Grace and Liev are dealing with grief and with each other’s help are learning to properly deal with their emotions. This was a great read and I’m excited to see the rest of the characters in their own story.
“ . ’ . ’ .”“ ’ , . ’ . ’ .”__________________________________________Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐Spice: .5Tropes: Primal play, grumpy hero, k*nk camp (I know that’s obvious from the name), insta loveSeries: Kink Camp #1⚠️Check triggers⚠️Grace is a newbie to Kink Camp and sees an ad at the camp’s coffee shop for an anonymous person searching for a primal play partner. Grace is immediately intrigued and tells camp staff she wants to answer the ad. It’s her first time, but she’s brimming with anticipation. Grace goes to the forest that night and quickly learns she likes being the prey. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but Grace and this anonymous person keep getting pulled back to each other.I enjoyed this book and it’s a solid start to the series. I was interested in how a kink camp works. I appreciated that the kinks weren’t treated as weird and everything came across normal, which is how kinks should be treated. The characters are diverse and there’s a wide range of representation present. If you like primal play, this book was made for you!I liked the couple and enjoyed their dynamic, but I wish we would’ve gotten a little more build up to them jumping all in to a relationship. I don’t mind the insta love trope and actually enjoy quite a few books with that trope, but it didn’t fully work here for me. I imagine we’ll see more of them as the series progresses with other couples, so hopefully we get more insight into their relationship.I’m definitely excited for the second book. Zion and Twyla already have me hooked on their story from the sneak peak. I just know it’s going to be angsty, which I love!
I absolutely LOVED this story and what people do (with consent) with each other is up to THEM, not anybody else . There’s Nothing wrong with being different . Thanks so much Adriana, I can’t wait to read the next story in this Wonderful series .
I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Ms. Anders is a new to me author, and after reading this, I am going on a binge! Kink Camp was a great blend of kink, eroticism and romance tied up with a great big HEA bow. Loved it, and can’t wait for my next visit to the Camp!
Short, quick read.I loved how Liev still loved his deadwife, but there is a time when you need to moveon.Grace has a few things that she fantasizes about.They are some people that doesn’t understandWhy she wants the things she does. Her friendMax invites her to a Kink Camp where she can actout these fantasy’s in an open, consensual, andNon-judgemental setting.This is the beginning of something that Grace andLiev never expected.I loved seeing both Liev and Grace’s feelings growand develop into more. Looking to more from thisseries.
This was an enjoyable read it’s quite a quick one but the characters still felt fully dimensional. It’s a contemporary romance with an unconventional subject and I loved the fact this story was set in a kink camp. I was drawn to this mostly because of the primal play I do appreciate a bit of consensual non-consent and here it was done very well. The play scenes were red hot with plenty of intensity and chemistry and I also appreciated the emotional connection that this also managed to impart. It didn’t just feel like cheap porn this actually felt much deeper and struck a good balance between the heat and the feelings. I liked both main characters and the initial anonymity only intensified everything. I liked that this was not instlove both characters recognised this was maybe the start of something special.Both Grace and Lief are dealing with real-life stuff, Lief is finally allowing his grief to disperse from losing his wife to cancer but is also battling feelings of guilt for embracing new horizons. Whilst Grace is learning to recognise who she actually is as she’s been stagnating since her life derailed.This also introduces characters that will feature in their own books and I’m definitely now intrigued. This was actually a better read than I expected my first experience with this author and it was a good one.


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