Kiss and Cry By Keira Andrews

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Kiss and Cry By Keira Andrews


Book/Novel Author: Keira Andrews

Book/Novel Title: Kiss and Cry



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Will figure skating enemies become lovers?HenryEverything comes easily for Theo Sullivan, whether it’s jumps or figure skating world titles. Everyone loves him—judges, fans, coaches.I hate him.Now he’s invaded my training center, and I have to see him every day as we prepare for the Olympics. I’m going to win gold if it’s the last thing I do. I’m going to beat him.But the strangest thing is happening. I’m peeking under his happy-go-lucky exterior and discovering there’s more to Theo than I imagined.This is a mistake. I can’t trust him.I can’t be falling in love.TheoMy mom’s convinced training with Henry Sakaguchi will distract me heading into the Olympics. No way—Henry’s epically boring and cold. He might as well be carved from ice.But when I need help, he’s there. He tries to keep me at arm’s length, but it’s no use. He’s too kind. Too generous. He’s caring and gorgeous and hot, and I’ve never wanted anyone like this.I might want Henry more than a gold medal.Am I falling in love?Kiss and Cry by Keira Andrews is a steamy gay sports romance featuring grumpy/sunshine opposites attracting, secretly soft-hearted boys, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.
I have to be honest, after a few pages into this story I considered not continuing. I am so glad I stuck with it. I didn’t really ever envision the skating moves, but I found it was easy to read over them. What I really liked was the story line, to guys who were bitter enemies in competition, who were thrust into being together, then friends and more. I really liked the authors use of “thought” where we got to see inside the characters mind. It made the story so much more interesting. As I read their doubt I already knew how the other person thought. It made the reality of their relationship seem so real. Great story, I will be reading other books by this author.
I like all the characters and the relation to a past book. These stories are so refreshing with well thought out structures. Very true to life.
I read this in 24 hours. I actually found it through an ad in a BookBub daily deal email. I was skeptical after nothing I had begun lately caught my interest, but I was instantly hooked. This read had me so deep in my feelings that I read it within a day’s day. Many thanks and all the praise to the author for this wonderful read. ♡
I waited for Henry and Theo’s romance after reading Only One Bed with Henry’s brother Sam and his BFF Etienne as main characters! I enjoyed this in-depth look at competitive Men’s skating while these two rivals steadily fell head over heels in love! Henry’s quiet intensity and technicality rivaled Theo’s crowd pleasing athleticism. They each followed their hearts when it came to skating both medaling at the Olympics as well as falling in love with one another. This was an awesome read that I devoured in a matter of hours!
There are so many reasons why I would recommend this book for someone who loves rivals-to-lovers: -the attention to detail in this book was PHENOMENAL. I loved how certain little details weren’t just a once off but they were always brought back into the story in some way. My favorite details were the red light from the rice cooker and the elephant in the room. Not to mention Henry’s rare smiles. -the transition from being rivals to lovers was done in such a realistic way. Even though the characters were so different from one another (in culture, personality, and how they were raised through the competitive world) they were so perfect for each other. -the way the characters feelings and actions were described in this book had me smiling, laughing, and crying along with them the whole way. -the plot flowed so easily through such a long period of time. There was never a moment that I wanted to skip over or where I felt bored. There was even an unexpected plot twist that left me angry yet relieved. My favorite parts were 2 elevator scenes. The first showing how much tension there was between them and the next that began a whole new chapter in their lives.
Odd title for a story that about Ice skaters and skating. It is the sweetest book I’ve read in a while about 2 people who can’t stand each other finding love together.


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