Kiss and Tell By Maya Hughes

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Kiss and Tell (Fulton U Rivals) By Maya Hughes


Book/Novel Author: Maya Hughes

Book/Novel Title: Kiss and Tell



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“Wouldn’t most guys love a little no strings attached hook up? “Maybe, but most guys don’t deserve you. I want to be one who does. And I want to be all tangled up in your strings.”Newly arrived on campus, I knew two things. 1) No one could know my dad was the president of the university and 2) football players were bad news.My run in, the literal kind with my neighbor cranked up the heat and sparks flew.A new college campus. A secret bound to explode in my face. And a football player neighbor who is bad news in the best of ways.Reid Riddick was hotness personified, so of course I literally ran into with him–well, more like he plowed into me.I didn’t know he was a football player when I started falling and now I can’t stop. A stolen kiss later and my heart races whenever he looks at me from across the quad.But my secret would spell disaster for him.I’m the daughter of the college president. The college president who’s been feuding with his football coach for years. Their bitter campus war leaves us teetering on the edges of a divide we can’t see a way across.Resisting him is more than I can handle. He’s risking it all for me. His team standing. His football season. His pro future. Throw in a campus gossip site. My out of control new friends. His way too hot roommates. College traditions. A secret campus bar and the only guy who’s ever made me feel like he can’t live without me. And I have one last secret.Our star-crossed love is my first and I want him to be mine.A Fulton U rivals standalone romance including a paper mache dragon, house of football hotties, secret speakeasy and a host of campus traditions that unfold as the backdrop for my first taste of love with a sordid secret chaser.
Love the tension between the characters and the back-and-forth of should or shouldn’t we. Absolutely adore the big discussions and seeing resolve happen at the perfect time. Great read.
I loved Reid and Leona’s story! I loved the chemistry and connection between them. Leona transferred to be closer to her dad, the president of STFU. Reid was a star football player, who was focused on playing his best. Leona was a distraction he didn’t need, but he couldn’t resist her. They both knew the risks. They knew how much Reid’s coach hated Leona’s dad, but they were sure they wouldn’t get caught. I can’t wait to read more books in this series!
Amazing story! Made me laugh, cry, get angry, get sappy, sex scenes were great. I loved it! Looking forward to more of her books
Kiss and Tell by Maya Hughes I am a huge fan of this author so I was super excited to start this series. This is the first book in the series and Reid and Leona’s story. I loved everything about it. This is a slow burn story. It was to me a college romance that had me falling in love with not only Reid and Leona but all of their friends as well. I am super excited and really looking forward to Cole and Kennedy’s book which is up next. Highly recommend this author and series.
There were a lot of interesting characters and piqued my interest and I do look forward to reading their stories. I have enjoyed Fulton U series but this book there seems to be a disconnect for me. I enjoy a good slow burn romance as long as the story has a good flow but for this one it was fragmented.


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