Klutz By Sedona Ashe

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Klutz: Phoenix Heat (But Did You Die? Book 2) By Sedona Ashe


Book/Novel Author: Sedona Ashe

Book/Novel Title: Klutz



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I escaped the jungle, only to end up abducted and held captive. But I’m not waiting to be rescued. Screw that damsel-in-distress garbage! I’m the last Phoenix shifter and I’m about to give them hellfire!Of course, I’d wind up kidnapped. I thought being kidnapped would be sexy or something. I was dead wrong. Haha, get it?As if the jungle, viper bites, piranhas, killer bugs and the five sexy dipstick-for-brains I saved weren’t enough, I’m now a captive of some lab coat weirdos in an experimentation facility.I definitely got the wrong idea of torture from “50 Shades of Grey”. Don’t look at me like that, you read it too!They seem to be willing to stop at nothing in their effort to break me. But come on, they’re not that creative, just annoying in their determination to figure out how much I can take.Another rare shifter is being held here. I can feel him. Yep, another freaking mate. In case you haven’t been counting, that makes it six fated mates… sheesh! My five jaguar shifter mates couldn’t seem to make up their minds. Were they happy to have me or desperate to ditch me? I’m not even sure if they are coming to rescue me.Who did I tick off in the universe to deserve all of this?No need to send help, because I’ve got this… as soon as I find some clothes.They are about to find out exactly who and what I really am.”But Did You Die?” is a comedy filled paranormal romance series that includes jaguar shifters, a mysterious underground society, fated mates, and an incredibly clumsy Phoenix. Follow Amaryllis as she discovers who she is and ‘collects’ her soulmates along the way! It is full of humor, adventure, and scenes to entice and thrill you… or to make you unexpectedly snort with laughter. The series will have a HEA…it will just take a little while to get there!*Ryls is being held in a laboratory, and some of what she endures is included in this book.*Read more
Sedona is a very clever story teller. I like her plots and her characters but some of her writing leave me scratching my head. It’s like the plot goes from A to Z and only hits on a few letters between. I want the whole thing. I want more dialogue about the how. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quick read but honestly I’m not connecting to the story because of this reason.
This series has such a good premise but at times it’s a bit rough. First off, I do love the book. There is a few plot holes in it though. I’m the end there is a huge plot hole where one of the MC is completely missing from the scene when they were previously there. There is a few other plot holes as well. I feel like there was a lot to cover and the book wasn’t long enough to allow for the details needed to cover everything. So my big complaint would be that it was rushed some.I also feel like our main girl is a little to passive for what she is and the power she has. She is way to forgiving and yet also holds a grudge? It feels like she is two separate people at times. It could be her personality but the conflicts with her inner dialogue and actions make that seem unlikely.I feel like it’s so close to being perfect. It’s still a fun read with a decent premise to it. I wish that there had been a little more plot in this book and more details rather.I’m definitely going to read the third book. I do think that it’s not a bad book for a KU and it definitely made me laugh. So overall 4/5 as it keeps you interested and has a good story.
I am desperate to get the next in the series. The action, romance, smut, and laughs are stupendous. My emotions are being pulled in every direction. Definitely recommend
I laughed so hard that I had to change my underwear. The dialog, the sexy scenes, and her growth. This was well written and so good.I hate cliffhangers but I did preorder the next book in the series.Good job!
I love Ryl’s sarcasm! She finds humor in the darkness. She has an inner strength that is unbreakable. I can’t wait to see her learn weapons. Imp’s treatment of her mates is funny too.
Fun quick reads! But wow that harem just keeps growing lol I still don’t like certain annoying characters but the new one are fun!


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4.9/5309 ratings