Knockout By Jessica Prince

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Knockout: a Small-Town, Enemies to Lovers Romance (Whiskey Dolls Book 2) By Jessica Prince


Book/Novel Author: Jessica Prince

Book/Novel Title: Knockout



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It wasn’t fair that the man I hated with a passion was so freaking gorgeous.Things in Layla Fox’s life were going great. She had a fantastic job, amazing friends, and a killer apartment. There was just one tiny glitch in all that perfect. Her upstairs neighbor was the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome . . . and she hated the man with every cell in her body. Jude Kingsley was the most arrogant jerk she’d ever met, making the fact that she was attracted to him more than a little inconvenient.When the two of them are forced together by Jude’s meddling grandmother, the bitter rivalry between the two feuding neighbors suddenly turns into something very different. And a raw, intense chemistry like theirs is bound to explode if they aren’t careful.
This book is so funny, when started reading it had me cracking up so much! I think they are the odd weird pair. Grams is also something else. I love the way she just showed up out of nowhere at Layla’s Apt and faked her heart attack, just to get them two together. Just awesome
Jude Kingsley meets Layla Fox the day she is moving in to his apartment complex, fancy car, fancy clothes, impeccable makeup and Jude knows her type and wants nothing to do with it. Layla doesn’t know what she did to tick Jude off but a war is battling between them and as each prank heats up so does the chemistry. One blind date later Jude and Layla find that their has been a huge misunderstanding and Jude decides he wants Layla. They work together but can Jude s hiccups about his family cause a problem between them? This was terrific, I had read when it came out but for some reason did not review. The second time is just as good. I really liked Jude and Layla, there is some really hilarious moments in this one and Jude’s grandmother is a hoot. Another amazing read from this author.
“ ’ .” Knockout is the second book in the Whiskey Dolls spin-off series. The book is a complete standalone but includes scenes and some of my favorite characters from this series and the Hope Valley series. On her first day moving into her new apartment, Jude steals Layla’s parking spot. Upon first glance, Jude believes he knows exactly what kind of woman Layla is. Jude and Layla immediately dislike each other which results in them purposefully doing things to irritate each other. I loved the pranks and banter between Layla and Jude. Add in Jude’s hilarious Gram, the book was entertaining and kept me turning pages to waiting for the moment they acknowledged their attraction. When Layla and Jude unexpectedly get thrown together, they find out that there is much more to each other than they initially believed. They move from fighting with each other to fighting for each other. I enjoyed this comedic, slow-burn enemies to lovers addition to the series/spin-off.
This book had me cackling out loud. I’m so glad I read it at home and not in public. I hope there’s more.
I LOVED this book! Romcom at its finest. The characters were dynamic, the build up was great, and the plot was perfect. I can’t wait tonread more by Jessica Prince!
I honestly loved this book, even slightly more than the first one. Jude’s grandma was the perfect side character. I hope there’s a sequel about Jude and Layla, because there were two things alluded to in this book that I wanted fleshed out more. [spoiler warning] I was really hoping there would be more about the confrontation with Jude’s family at the end after his comment about them not going away. And I was wanting some scene with Jude’s grandma and the kids at Hope House after her story about wanting to fill her house with children. I think those two story lines would be great in a sequel. But this was still a 5/5 for me.


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