Knot for Me By Rory Miles

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Knot for Me: How a Bad Omega Falls in Love (Omega Love) By Rory Miles


Book/Novel Author: Rory Miles

Book/Novel Title: Knot for Me



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It’s a universally known fact that all omegas want is a pack and a safe place for their babies.Wrong.That’s not what all omegas want. I don’t want either. When I screw up my chances of being matched with a pack, I’m sent to the Omega Auctions. There I’m sold to a royal pack to be their maid.I’m hardly qualified to clean and I’m not sure being stuck with an unmated pack is the best idea because my first heat is coming and these guys are H.O.T. HOT.My name is Reagan and I’m a bad omega who refuses to fall in love. Let’s just hope my heart gets the memo because that’s knot the life for me.
I just started into this omegaverse reading . I have found some I like but I like this one best of all of them. I like strong female characters. This does not disappoint in that respect. If you like that I’m gonna give you what I know you need without your consent thing you may not care for this one , but for me that’s why I preferred it.
This Omegaverse was fantastic! Getting to know Reagan as she navigated the designation and choices she didn’t want was a unique take on what has become my favorite type or RH. Must read!
I fell in love with this book. I devoured it within days. This makes you believe in love again. I was so impressed with the characters.
Although there are a few dark incidents in this book, I would classify this story as sweet omegaverse. The heroine is snarky but not in a try-hard way with pop culture references in every other sentence. I liked the way the heroine stood her ground until the end and didn’t magically turn into a “good” omega once she fell in love. Can’t wait to read the next book!
Okay so who doesn’t love a sassy Omega? And then throw in three totally different alphas! Tensions running high for a lot of reasons. Snarky comments. lots of attitude. growly alphas. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book and was sad that it ended absolutely looking forward to the next one coming out. Thank you Rory for making me laugh till I cried with Amelia who is hilarious as the beta she really gives Reagan a run for her money in the snarkiness LOL
Well thought out story filled with pass trauma and wanton desires. Appreciate the uniqueness of the storyline but it still held the traditional omegaverse quality.


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