Last Beautiful Girl By Samantha Chase

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Last Beautiful Girl (Magnolia Sound Book 6) By Samantha Chase


Book/Novel Author: Samantha Chase

Book/Novel Title: Last Beautiful Girl

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When Kyle Jones let Sydney Albright walk out of his life, he gave up on the idea of settling down. How could he when he broke the heart of the only woman he ever loved? For years he distracted himself with a parade of women, all the while hoping he would see Sydney again.But he never wanted it to be like this… Sydney wasn’t prepared to become a mom overnight. When she loses her sister and brother-in-law in a tragic accident, she moves back home to become the caregiver for her heart broken niece. It is no surprise to her when the small town rallies to offer support to one of their own. However, that doesn’t make Kyle showing up on her doorstep any less jarring.While Kyle claims he is only there to help, Sydney is instantly on edge. Not only did she vow never to fall for him again, but his timing couldn’t be worse. Her niece needs to be her number one priority. Still, seeing the pain in Sydney’s eyes, Kyle won’t turn his back on her… not again. He always said she was the first beautiful girl he loved and now he’s determined to make her the last.

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