Last Resort By Amelia Wilde

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Last Resort (The Collector Book 3) By Amelia Wilde


Book/Novel Author: Amelia Wilde

Book/Novel Title: Last Resort



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Emerson LeBlanc lost more than an acquisition. He lost the woman he loves.There’s no redemption for a man with his past. No future for a relationship built on stalking and kidnapping. At least that’s what he believes. When he meets Daphne again, she’s not a piece of art. She’s a woman determined to paint a new path. For herself. For him. Except the ocean holds more than shadows. It holds danger that could ruin them both.
Didn’t disappoint! Need to read all 3 for the full story and worth it. Love the other books as well about the other family members.
Awww…I have read a lot of Midnight Dynasty books and let me just say this one is a level all its own. Love this world d Morellis and Contantines!!!! Amelia did such a fantastic job of submerging us in Emerson’s world. Loved him and Daphne together!!!
MG the trilogy only got better and I’m so sad it is over. I need more Emerson and Daphne in my life! This book was AMAZING. The growth between Emerson and Daphne and just how much they truly loved and were obsessed with each other. Daphne couldn’t stop thinking of Emerson and when she stopped painting it was serious how much she truly needed him in her life. I really wasn’t sure if Emerson was going to make it or not and it broke my heart just how bad his panic attacks got. The lengths Emerson went to Daphne back from his father might not seem like much to some people but for Emerson it was huge and it showed just how much he would do for her. I want a love like theirs!I also loved reading about the extended family and how relationships changed for the better between Daphne and her siblings but also her father. It was nice reading about a whole new side of Bryant Morelli. Daphne really found out just how much Leo had been with her growing up and how he was almost like her father and it was time for him to be a brother. I liked the little updates on Leo and Hayley and how Lucian and Elaine are doing. The changes between Emerson and his father and how he worked through some of his issues with him. Emerson has really been able to start to overcome some of his anxiety and Daphne is so patient with him. I can not wait to read about Emerson’s brother Will and who he was thinking of at the end of the book. Along with him the ending about Eva Morelli I’m excited to find out more.My fingers are crossed we can continue to read about Leo and Hayley and Emerson and Daphne in future books!
I had to read all three books right away! It was ver detail and made you feel like you were in the story with them!
Good story but not as much as the first two. It gave more questions about the Constantines that I hope will soon be answered.
Daphne’s back with Emerson but for how long. She is changed to a more mature collected woman. Emerson fears she willleave again because he is not good enough for her and will inhibit her metamorphosis. Just like a calm serene ocean on a beautiful day in the depths lurks–dangers come to play. Visual hallucinations are they products of a higher intellect or a chemical inbalance of the brain. If emotions can be expressed in color, oil paint and canvas is that a special skill that allows for another expressive 6th sense of the human psyche? Daphne’s artistic skills with Emerson’s support are morphed to the stage of her first showing. Her pieces have expanded in size in range and depth. No longer is it hidden but exposed for the world to see.and reflecting on the world is everything. New perspectives, different angles more emphasis on the ocean water. Now their relationship centers around surfing and painting and they become partners in each endeavor. A cataclysmic event with near death consequences serves to test and cement their committment to each other. They pledge a lifetime and beyond of fidelity and love to each other. Siblings become comforting people in their lives. A total immersion into a taut and well written piece with lots of intrigue.


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