Law of Family By David Burke

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Law of Family: A Litrpg Portal Adventure (Four Laws Book 2) By David Burke


Book/Novel Author: David Burke

Book/Novel Title: Law of Family



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Protect and serve has become protect and rule.There’s a new sheriff in town. Rob has survived the first few weeks. He still doesn’t have any magic but all his training has led to a new ability. The prompts call it cultivation but no one seems to know anything about it. So far he can use it to make himself stronger, faster, better but it’s a lot of work.Now he has to juggle the many responsibilities of the sheriff as he tries to make Yonderton a safe place for all the people looking to him.Speaking of juggling, he has to sort out the bunny girl clerk, the foxkin deputy, the secretive elven alchemist, and the would be father-in-law who is intent on Rob marrying his orc daughter.Just another day for the sheriff.
I found the characters compelling and very relatable. I loved following Rob as he learns and guides his family into being bit by bit. Thanx from ~LadyKiranaStorm
The town of Yonderton got a new sheriff he started trying to end the corruption in the town an make the town a peaceful place to raise families an have children as well .
Ok, I blew through this one. Now what to read. I’m in the middle of another series but may just have to see what else is by this author. Hmmm…..
This is a good book. You shouldy read it. I like the story. The characters are fun. The book is a good read. i enjoyed it alot.. Download or buy it today. why not?
Like so many novels in this genre, the MC is OP, or at least building towards OP. It is refreshing that one of his goals seems to be making his supporting characters grow along side the MC rather than being stagnant and unchanging. At times, the story tip-toes in to the realm of formulaic, but then pulls back at the last second which is cathartic. One thing I am impressed with is the author’s ability to shift between 1st and 3rd person POV. It is a rare gift and he does it well. Looking forward to the next installment.
Despite being a modern day police officer whose highest level combat skill is trashed combat, he does not at any point attempt to use his magic bow and enchanted arrows against casters, his biggest weakness. Quite frankly, I feel he has underutilized his magic ranged weaponry — even with improved stats, he doesn’t have any abilities that compensate for a lack of offensive mana better than the bow and arrows he was granted at the start of the FIRST BOOK, and with which he made his first kill in the new world.


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