Lay the Hate By Jason Anspach

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Lay the Hate (Forgotten Ruin Book 4) By Jason Anspach


Book/Novel Author: Jason Anspach

Book/Novel Title: Lay the Hate



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The War Begins…The world of Ruin erupts into the flames of war as a great evil rises once more from the Tombs of Eternal Midnight. Werewolves and vampires march from the east, the orcs of Umnoth are on the move, and cities disappear beneath the boots of these savage hordes. Kingdoms field desperate armies in a last desperate bid to stop the tides of darkness, but the truth is clear.The hour of final ruin has come.Yet the wizard Vandahar has one more card to play: Rangers. Allied with elves and dwarves, they set out to strike at the very heart of the evil Lich Pharaoh’s domain by attacking from a wholly unexpected direction.Survival. Asymmetrical warfare. Total surprise. This is what the Rangers do best.But first they must survive the Citadel.What the forces of evil have started, the Rangers will finish!Read more
If you’ve been reading along then you don’t need me to encourage you to keep on kicking it with the Rangers.But if you’re new and thinking about jumping in then take the plunge knowing you’ll have at least 4 books to keep yourself entertained before you gotta worry about pre-ordering #5…
While Galaxy’s Edge may be more famous, this series is a masterful blend of military fiction and fantasy. The characters feel real and catch your attention. The seeting in mystical and deadly. The stakes are always life or death, and Talker, the narrator battles realistic struggles that hit close to home for many. One of the best new series out.
Great as usual. Continuing the trail of Talker into the dark depths of the Ruin! I am absolutely loving this saga! Can’t wait for the next book!
The book, as witu the others in the series, tries to portray itself as a mission. But the mission is really secondary to the plot. It’s really a tale of Talker coming to acceptance with himself, with reality. And most of all, his place as a Ranger.
Talker and the Band of Brothers go one more time against all the odds. Bigger monsters, nightmares, and double-dealers. Laying the hate is Talker’s mantra come to life. And he does it along with all the Ranger buddies. Have fun!
At this point you know what you are getting from this series, non stop action and some great scenes in a well thought out world.


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4.9/5309 ratings