Left on Tenth By Delia Ephron

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Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life: A Memoir By Delia Ephron


Book/Novel Author: Delia Ephron

Book/Novel Title: Left on Tenth



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The bestselling, beloved writer of romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail tells her own late-in-life love story in her “resplendent memoir,” complete with a tragic second act and joyous resolution (Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of The Good Left Undone). Delia Ephron had struggled through several years of heartbreak. She’d lost her sister, Nora, and then her husband, Jerry, both to cancer. Several months after Jerry’s death, she decided to make one small change in her life—she shut down his landline, which crashed her internet. She ended up in Verizon hell. She channeled her grief the best way she knew: by writing a New York Times op-ed. The piece caught the attention of Peter, a Bay Area psychiatrist, who emailed her to commiserate. Recently widowed himself, he reminded her that they had shared a few dates fifty-four years before, set up by Nora. Delia did not remember him, but after several weeks of exchanging emails and sixties folk songs, he flew east to see her. They were crazy, utterly, in love. But this was not a rom-com: four months later she was diagnosed with AML, a fierce leukemia. In Left on Tenth, Delia Ephron enchants as she seesaws us between tears and laughter, navigating the suicidal lows of enduring cutting-edge treatment and the giddy highs of a second chance at love. With Peter and her close girlfriends by her side, with startling clarity, warmth, and honesty about facing death, Ephron invites us to join her team of warriors and become believers ourselves.A “Most Anticipated Book of 2022” by TIME, Bustle, Parade, Publishers Weekly, Boston.comA “Best Memoir of 2022” by Marie ClaireA “Best Memoir of April” by Vanity Fair
I read this book solely because my brother has AML and I knew this book discussed the author’s stem cell transplant to combat that disease. This is a decision my brother is facing at this very moment, whether to do the transplant or not.On that topic, which begins on pg 168, I felt the story was brutally honest. If you’re facing this procedure, the author’s harrowing description will shake you to your core (as will the long list of all the dreadful things that could go wrong that your doctor will explain in dire detail to you). The final outcome will give you great hope.I wanted to know what it all entailed, I wanted to know her feelings, I wanted to know how her husband dealt with it, and I was glad to know it worked for her. She told me everything I wanted to know and more, including the importance of the HLA match, about that one terrible drug for which she needed ice, and about the process from start to finish for the blood donor. I can’t thank her enough for writing about her experience in such depth and in a manner that I found riveting.This book is also a love story. I was astonished by the author’s email at day 9 of her then email-only relationship with Peter when she basically told him she couldn’t be with him if he was cheap. I thought about the brass balls of this, then I thought good for her. Life is too short. If you know that you couldn’t abide by something, best to get it dealt with rather than waste time. I liked his amiable response, too. Right there, it was obvious they were a perfect match.There were some musings, off-the-wall ramblings, and quite a few emails that I skimmed over.I can say the author’s life (many friendships, travels, opera, ping pong table in the dining room, etc) is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in life.
Grief and despair and hope and illness and despondency and love and hope again. To hope and to love are the greatest gifts in life. Thank you, Delia Ephron for sharing your journey.
What a journey! I just thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was real, entertaining and great fun. Thank you for this wonderful story.
I had to put this down (donate to my local library) as she became so self-absorbed I just couldn’t stand one more word. Whew. Yes, many of us do find love again after losing our spouse and also survive life-threatening illnesses. Without requiring such enormous attention for our accomplishments. Go see a GOOD shrink and get over yourself, girl.

If you’ve been through a life-threatening disease, read this. You will be able to relate to so many moments and say, Yes! It was like that for me, too.


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