Left Out By The System By Constantin Step

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Left Out By The System: Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Adventure (Lonely Apocalypse Book 1) By Constantin Step


Book/Novel Author: Constantin Step

Book/Novel Title: Left Out By The System



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Sometimes you wake up and just know your day is gonna suck.Now imagine waking from a three-year coma in an abandoned hospital, on an Earth that has recently fused with a different dimension. Yeah, it’s one of those days.Last I remember I was valiantly saving my high school crush from the path of an oncoming truck. Now I’m a skin and bones weakling wearing nothing but my hospital gown. Has anyone seen my pants? Oh yeah, the world is also full of monsters, and I’m the only human left.It turns out a godlike System evacuated humanity but decided to leave the vegetable in the bed. I can hardly blame it. From the moment my parents named me Lex Lurker, I was destined to be ignored. Everyone else has received a chance to prepare for what’s to come in the Tutorial. Me, though? I’ve only gotten a snarky talking cat for a companion.I could crawl into a corner and wait to get eaten by a freaking kobold, but after years of being asleep I have a new appreciation for feeling alive. And for all the chaos, there are game-like rules and magical powers that could help me avoid becoming a meal and perhaps even thrive in this hellscape.But first I’ll have to find the tenacity to survive, the courage to fight, and the strength to face some dark truths about myself. Whispered voices call me the Hope of Humanity, but it turns out I might be the villain of this story.Series info: Lonely Apocalypse: Left Out by the System is the first volume in the thrilling LitRPG series. Fans of the RPG genre will find a sophisticated progression system with Levels, Ranks, and Quests built upon compelling logic. As our hero seeks magical powers via Concepts—special abilities based on each individual’s personal traits—he grows not only in power but as a person, too. Follow Lex as he uncovers shocking truths about himself and his home planet alike. Why did the enigmatic System call it Mirror Earth, anyway? The answers lie in this latest addition to the System Apocalypse genre!
Balancing character development and action can be difficult and often leads to characters who we feel we don’t know, but are around to “watch” then do stuff. Nice to be able to understand the characters action for a change.
An imitation light-novel, with all the problems of light-novels and awkward translation. Rambling, repetitive, and unreliable narration blend with nonsensical justifications to create a bland and disappointing setting. Boredom and a painful infection led me to read this and I still resent it for being a poor distraction.
I really liked this book! There were a few typos but was well entertained by it. Hope the next one is as good
It started slow but it picked up and i look forward to reading more about these concepts. This can be a great series.
The system in the book is a bit overly complicated, and the story and writing a bit simplistic thus far. It’s makes for an odd juxtaposition for me but I want to see how the story progresses.
Not sure if this was translated or not, but the multitude of word choice errors makes me think it was. The storyline is okay, though I might have skipped this read if I knew it was going to be cat centric with a central figure plagued with mental issues.


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4.9/5309 ratings