Legacy of Lies By Christy Barritt

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Legacy of Lies: The Colsons (Fog Lake Suspense Book 5) By Christy Barritt


Book/Novel Author: Christy Barritt

Book/Novel Title: Legacy of Lies



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The justice system failed her family—and so did her hometown.Madison Colson knows deep down that her father—a convicted serial killer—is innocent. But believing it and proving it are two entirely different things. Unable to help her father, Madison has spent most of her adult life overcompensating by helping others. When her aunt dies unexpectedly, duty calls her back to Fog Lake, Tennessee, a beautiful but painful place she’d rather forget.Terrifying events begin to unfold once she arrives, unleashing her worst nightmares. The Good Samaritan Killer—or a copycat—is back, and now Madison Colson is his target.FBI Special Agent Shane Townsend is determined to stop the deadly rampage that has sent the tight-knit community into a frenzy. But he needs to earn Madison’s trust first. The task feels impossible, especially considering his father is the one who put her dad in prison.With the whole town on edge and pointing fingers, tension escalates out of control. Madison and Shane must sort the facts from the lies—and fight for a legacy of truth—before The Good Samaritan Killer has the final say.
Another 5 stars for Christy Barritt – This is a clean thriller that will keep you reading “just one more chapter”!
Two families intertwined. One family is the victim and the other is the law. Senior Townsend pursues Madison’s father who is convicted of murdering young women. He’s known as the Good Samaritan. Townsend’s son tries to solve the current day killings of young women connected to Madison’s family and even attempts on Madison’s life. This is a good mystery from start to finish.
Spine tingling. Powerful. Full of mystery Really good. I cannot wait to read the next one and see what happens next.
This book was really interesting and I liked the characters and sibling dynamics. It wasn’t cheesy like some Christian mysteries are, and I would definitely recommend this series!
Fantastic book!! I will say the valiant is a lot more sinister, twisted, and deranged than a lot of the other books in this series and I had a hard time reading some of the thoughts and actions of the killer. I definitely couldn’t read this one at night. This is one character whose mind that I’d rather never dive into. So if you’re sensitive to things like that…just beware. That being said, this book points you toward God, is very well written, and I cannot wait for the next book to come out!!!
This Fog Lake series just keeps getting better. So many secrets to unravel, so many suspects. I love the Tennessee setting, a nice change from the barrier islands of the southeast coast.


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