Legacy of Stars By J.N. Chaney

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Legacy of Stars (Backyard Starship Book 4) By J.N. Chaney


Book/Novel Author: J.N. Chaney

Book/Novel Title: Legacy of Stars



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There are some things you simply can’t escape. For Van, it’s family.Out among the stars, his cousin, Carter Yost, drags Van and his team into a criminal ring run by the High Doctor- a dangerous con artist with delusions of grandeur. Working from the abandoned world of Pathway, the High Doctor has created a cult, stealing a fortune from the fearful, sick, and scared.If there’s one thing Van hates, it’s a bully, and the High Doctor has his full attention. But in order to crush the criminal cult, Van needs bigger, better armor—and that comes with a price.The rarest metals cost money, and that means doing a few dirty jobs in order to pay for the tools of his trade. Van’s got the will. His team has the skill.Now, he has to find a way. And the way will surely involve war.
It’s all good but I enjoyed the ending. It had enough of a twist to add the excitement. It’s there any hope for his cousin?
Pretty simple but fun to read. Characters are a bit over the top species wise but that adds to the fun. You know your not reading a philosophy treatise, just having fun for a while.
I just finished Legacy of Stars, and now I have to wait until tomorrow for book 5 to be released. Love the series!
Good read, if you like the series you will like this one. The book’s description is not very accurate, but the story is still good. And of course: Moist!!!
This was a great book. You took me a little while to get going on it. But once I did it was hard to put down. I loved every bit of it. I can’t wait for the next 1. Thank you.
An interesting and engaging continuation of the Backyard Starship series. Good characters a challenging plot and another step forward for our heroes


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4.9/5309 ratings