Lesbian Chronicles By Phenomenon

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Lesbian Chronicles: The Black Life By Phenomenon


Book/Novel Author: Phenomenon

Book/Novel Title: Lesbian Chronicles

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Phenomenon’s cunning and witty writing style is extremely on point in this wickedly funny and realistic peek into the African American lesbian lifestyle in the inner city of Chicago. This heartfelt and ruthless drama explores every aspect of how society affects alternative relationships. Joanne, Maxi, and Journey live in a world where women are expendable and success is a necessity. Read as these three women give this life all they’ve got with hopes of everlasting love, career victories, and even someone’s quest for eternal life.The only problem is… they have to deal with women to get all of these things. Leave your own drama behind and get involved in theirs. This ain’t no punk ass bedtime story! Buckle your seat belts for the twists and turns of the MANY raunchy sexcapades. It’s wild. It’s spiritual. It’s honest and unapologetic. It’s the BLACK LIFE! **

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