Less Than Perfect By Savannah Rose

Less Than Perfect: A Bully Romance by Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates

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Book/Novel Author: Savannah Rose

Book/Novel Title: Less Than Perfect

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  • This little piggy is my target. This little piggy I shall break. This little piggy will forgive me. This little piggy’s heart’s at stake. Momma had a mantra; “Ignore the bullies and they’ll go away, poof, like magic.” When I was still naïve enough to believe her, this suggestion had made perfect sense. Only for some reason, it never worked for me. At first, I thought that I wasn’t ignoring hard enough. Then, I realized that magic only works when you’re pretty. This world wasn’t kind to little pigs. We don’t live long. Sooner or later, someone always came along to blow our worlds down around us. If I wanted to survive, if I wanted boys like Marcus to leave me alone, I’d have to become something different. Something new. Something better. I’d have to grow teeth and claws. I’d have to be willing to bite back. To kill the piglet and transform myself into a big, bad, wolf. And so I did. I wasn’t a child anymore. I was a woman with a past that no longer had the right to haunt me. A woman who wanted love and wouldn’t shy away from the unconventional in order to claim it. The plan was simple. Marry a man I didn’t know. Fall in love with love and life. And never, ever, ever, look back. The problem? My past chose to push its way into my future. No matter how big I felt, no matter how much I’d grown, seeing him again made me feel like nothing more than the little piglet, ready for the roast. Less than perfect is a standalone romance with a strong female lead, a bully, and a fake fiancé.

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