Lettie Portman By John Ellsworth

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Lettie Portman: The District Attorney By John Ellsworth


Book/Novel Author: John Ellsworth

Book/Novel Title: Lettie Portman



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Like the victims who pass through her office, this attorney’s own past demands justice.When an eleven-year-old girl is savagely attacked by her mother’s live-in boyfriend, attorney Lettie Portman is called to the hospital. She meets a sweet, young girl whose only goal is to go to school and come home to a safe environment. But the abuse gets worse, the case goes to trial by jury.And Lettie stumbles. To help this girl in need, she must first deal with her own abuse from years before.Meanwhile, Detective Antonio “Tony” Reedy lets her know he’s interested in more than just investigating the abused girl’s case. But Lettie’s background makes it all but impossible to trust again. As Tony slowly begins to gain her confidence, can she learn to love again?John Ellsworth is a USA TODAY bestseller, an Amazon Featured Author, and has repeatedly won the title of Kindle All-Star.
I do like some of this authors books. Some are good, others are sloppy and don’t make sense. In this book dialogue is attributed to incorrect characters, spelling problems, and use of words. Soul vs sole. Sloppy. A character who dies in this boom is somehow resurrected in the book that follows
The book was an excellent read. I hated the subject atters that were addressed and had to stop reading it for awhile but the good guys finished last in the end.
Poorly written! Usually like Elsworth’s books but this one has poor Grammer and written in a juvenile manner. No more Lettie Portma. For me.
How much can one family take? Mothers boyfriend is physically and psychologically abusing her five year old son and eleven year old daughter! He is arrested 3 times and each time goes free! Will he be stopped before he kills one of them?


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