Leviathan’s Trial By Craig Martelle

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Leviathan’s Trial: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Battleship: Leviathan Book 4) By Craig Martelle


Book/Novel Author: Craig Martelle

Book/Novel Title: Leviathan’s Trial



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Peace is earned, not given.Aliens are seizing planets at the edge of Berantz space.Earth Fleet sends an armada to investigate.They’re never heard from again.Word reaches the Vestrall home planet of the encroachment. Declan Payne knows what has to be done – convince Leviathan to investigate. Peace through superior firepower, through the threat of annihilation.But Lev is retired. And so is Payne and his team.The choice is taken out of their hands.Join Declan Payne and his team as they return to a new front in a never-ending war to keep humanity safe.Book 4 in the Battleship: Leviathan Military Sci-Fi Series from Military Sci-Fi Dragon Award Finalist and Amazon Bestselling author Craig Martelle. It’s perfect for fans of Rick Partlow, Jay Allan, and Joshua Dalzelle. Read it today.
Lack of character development . Lev was left out of the mix too much . I will still read the next book though.
Lev still waffles about trying to find peace with an implacable enemy that uses a weapon never seen before , few books are actually hard to put down but this is one of them.
Another fascinating book in the saga. I love this type of military sci-fi reading. Great characters and always a suspenseful story. Still fun to be submerged in an entertaining story with colorful characters. Good pace, great action and always fun to read. Keep up the good fight Mr Craig sometimes I wish the humanity you write about was mirrored more in our own little blue marble. Thanks and please sally forth.

Paycheck to reach the end and realize I have to wait for months to read the book! I love the irreverent and never tongue tied Major Payne and his team. Lev may take his passificity (is that a word?) to extremes, but he’s awesome too! Marking time till the sequel…
Another outstanding adventure for them. The fast pace action will leave you breathless. I really like this book and I highly recommend it.


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