Lewd Dungeon By Stuart Grosse

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Lewd Dungeon: Book XXV – Politics By Stuart Grosse


Book/Novel Author: Stuart Grosse

Book/Novel Title: Lewd Dungeon



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The crusade against dungeonkind has been thwarted, and Kuronoth has emerged with many new contacts amongst the gods under the System. But, despite everything that has happened, he still has concerns to deal with back on Earth. After all, gods are not the only ones who play political games, and more than one person is looking to Kuronoth for answers about his recent activities.But that just begs the question, what will the master of the Forbidden Chambers of Exquisite Pleasures do next? He is already a god. What could he do after that?——————————–Mandatory Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. None of it should be attempted in the real world. None of this should be taken as even tacit approval or support of the actions portrayed herein. This is a story about a rotten bastard who gains power to take bastardry to a new level, and absolutely doesn’t care what society thinks of him. This story contains gore, cursing, sex, and all kinds of nasty shit. If you have triggers, consider this your warning.
I like the Demon of the Dungeon. He is rather complex. He has his own warped moral compass, but he always stays true to it. He especially likes to stick it to those who want everyone to live by their rules. With his contracts it’s best to read the fine print since the devil is truly in the details.
I’ve known since the start of the series that Mr. Grosse has very left leaning views, and that is fine. Some of his points are valid, while others are are more dogmatic based, but again that is opinion. What is factually undeniable is that this book was blatant filler. Not only was this entire volume filled to the brim with Mr. Grosse’s political view points, but it that was almost the entire point of this book. Whether you support the the new Misinformation council or not (Which Mr. Grosse most obviously DOES) should not be the point of a book about a LEWD DUNGEON. The entire books can be summed up thus: Find with the fight at the end of the last book, politics (read republican bashing), theological theory, politics (read: more republican bashing), and an epilogue. That was it. For a Lewd Dungeon, it had maybe a page or 2 of lewdness. In a series that extols sexual deviance bordering on Weinstien levels, if not pushing Epstein levels, of debauchery, to be lectured on political views and such is ridiculous. This was NOT a continuation of a half-way decent series, it was the the thinly veiled attempt by a rabid political extremist trying to proselytize to his readers. This is no better than watching the very shows he bashes so blatantly in his book. To put it frankly, if you want to read this book, DON’T. You’re better off reading a non-fiction political commentary book than wasting money on this steaming turd.
Fun series, after 25 books a year or so I’m still reading.I kind of question the Political aspects in this one, opens up a whole host of doubts about the System, powers, interests, creation, free will, but still fun and nothing to lose sleep over. Looking forward to more books in the series.
Good read. I laughed a lot while reading this book. Now I need ten more words to finish this review.
the writer is either incredibly liberal or incredibly sarcastic on an order of magnitude so great that it is impossible to tell the difference between the two choices. and you know what? i don’t care! he’s a good writer and i enjoy the plot-lines. sure, i could do without the 27 pages of stats at the end, but hey…i’m not his editor, right?the important thing here for people who use reviews to pick which books to read is this: i’m a conservative. a pretty staunch one, too. but you know what? i STILL like these books, and not just for the over the top sex scenes. the plot-lines are good; he has several of those going and still manages to connect them over time. sure, he mixes in politics and makes fun of people i like. so what? it’s not gonna keep me from reading the books, because if i only read things with opinions i agree with…doesn’t that make me a closed minded person exactly like the kind of people i don’t generally like? it’s GOOD to be challenged, to be presented with a different view of things. that’s how we learn and grow as demons! er…humans. you know what i mean.in any case, each book is mostly a stand alone work you can understand by itself, but they DO make more sense if you start from the beginning. you should read it, enjoy the tongue-in-asscheek humor for what it is, and either read more of his books or move on with your life if you don’t like them. personally i think everyone complaining should just take it in stride and enjoy the story…
Stupid nonsensical political arguments that neither mesh with the characters previously expressed views nor advance the plot. Boring, pedantic and frankly disappointing.


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