Lord of Destiny By Charlene Hartnady

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Lord of Destiny (The Dragon Demigods Book 6) By Charlene Hartnady


Book/Novel Author: Charlene Hartnady

Book/Novel Title: Lord of Destiny

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Book 6 in this exciting new world. If you like dragons and egotistical, super-sexy demigods, then this is the series for you.I’m the son of a god.The other half of a coin.Where my identical twin brother, Jarrod, can see the past. I can see into the future.An awesome ability. I’m lucky, right? Nope, I think I’m cursed. Imagine, for a second, that every time you touched someone, you could see into their future. Their happiness, their misfortune, and their death. You’d feel obliged to help them. To steer them clear of imminent disaster. I don’t mind helping others, but I’m not always successful. I’ve seen horrible things. Things that keep me up at night.Trust me, if you had this ability, you’d steer clear of people too. You’d do everything in your power not to touch them, or to be touched. I guess that means I’m lonely. It comes with the territory. I’ve learned to live with it.The words ‘stay away’ are my motto. That’s until I see her. I’m mesmerized because surely a more perfect creature does not exist. I’m the one who touches her. I haven’t willingly touched another person in the longest time. Imagine my surprise when I get nothing from her. No vision. No future. No nothing! That can only mean one thing, this beautiful woman isn’t human.Who is she?What is she?What happens next, chills me to my bones. I might not be able to see into her future, but she sees into mine. What? How? She mutters a quick word of warning and then is gone. What she tells me is bad. It’s terrifying! I’m in serious trouble.No cheating! Contains hot alpha males and therefore, strong sexual themes/language.

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