Lost in Love By David Horne

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Lost in Love By David Horne


Book/Novel Author: David Horne

Book/Novel Title: Lost in Love



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Summary & Review

When his sister dies, Andrew falls into a slump. He finds himself unable to continue with the monotonous life he’s been living. What he really needs is to get away from it all.With more money in his bank than ever before, he decides to go on a camping trip. Since it isn’t camping season, he’s pretty sure he’ll have nature all to himself. It sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?The only problem is, Andrew has never been camping before.Deep within the woods, a man built his house. He wanted nothing more to do with people. He blocked himself off from everyone and became a recluse.Andrew stumbles upon the recluse’s cabin but he is less than welcomed. Unfortunately for the two men, he has no choice but to stay since he has no idea how to get out of the woods and back to the comfort of civilization. Can the recluse teach Andrew how to survive off of the land?Or are they doomed to hate one another and the situation they’ve been forced into?Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 32,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a “cliffhanger.” Themes include: Romantic Drama, Suspense, Nature, Wilderness, Camping, Camping Trip, Wrong Turn, Danger, Hermit, Divorce, First Time, First Person POV.





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