Lost to Light By Jamie Bennett

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Lost to Light By Jamie Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Bennett

Book/Novel Title: Lost to Light

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“I told you I don’t like ties to the past. I move forward.”
“Even from the good things?”
But there haven’t been very many good things in Maura Sutherland’s life; she has struggled against almost everything, and almost everyone. Against all odds, she has carved out a life for herself. Maybe it’s not the happiest, but it’s hers.
On the other hand, Iván Marrero’s existence has been charmed. He was traveling the world and breaking records, becoming a multi-millionaire before he turned 30. With his handsome face and easy laugh, he has friends everywhere. Everyone wants to be with Iván—especially women.
When Maura and Iván meet, the attraction is undeniable. But she has so many dark secrets locked away…
Can she trust him? Should she? What if it all goes wrong, again?
Can she let go of the past—and will it let go of her? **

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